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Black Dog with brown Dog Leash and Dog Collar

High-quality & elegant Dog Collars, Dog Leashes & Dog Harnesses

From classic dog collars, greased leather dog leads, hands-free leashes to canvas dog harnesses.

High-quality & elegant Dog Collars, Dog Leashes & Dog Harnesses

From classic dog collars, greased leather dog leads, hands-free leashes to canvas dog harnesses.

Colorful Dog Collar & Dog Leash Prater
vegan or soft suede

The functional Dog Collars and Dog Leashes in a chic ethno style are lightweight and colorful.

Dog Leash & Dog Collar "Tiergarten"
soft & elegant nubuck leather

The functional Tiergarten collection comes with high-quality materials in many colours.

Dog Leash & Dog Collar "Tiergarten"
soft & elegant nubuck leather

The functional Tiergarten collection comes with high-quality materials in many colours.

Braided leather dog collars & leashes Central Park
Soft and sturdy

Dog Collars, Leashes and Dog Harnesses with a particularly refined look. Artful braiding and high-quality metal parts.

Greased leather with filigree braiding details Riverside Park
fine details, robust & adjustable

Made of natural leather, with braided details und adjustable length. Handmade in Europe, available in many colors.


Rop Dog Collars & Leashes Planten und Blomen
100% vegan cactus leather

Linen rope Dog Leashes and Dog Collars made of natural and sustainable materials.

Small Dog Collars & Leashes Riverlino
optimal fit for small dogs

Soft leather with a delicate weave and light metal elements. Designed for small dogs such as Pinschers, Chihuahuas, Maltese or Dachshunds; also ideal as puppy collars and leashes.

Wide leather Dog Collars Regent Park
greased leather Sighthound Collar

Soft leather Sighthound Collars with an equal distribution of pressure thanks to the widened surface area.

Dog Leash & Dog Collar Hyde Park
nobly braided cowhide leather

Luxury Dog Collars and Leashes in various widths with real brass parts.

Dog Leash & Collar Hofgarten
the special Dog Collar

Colorful leather Dog Collars and Leashes in many colors with soft texture.

Cloud7 Dog Leashes, Dog Collars and Dog Harnesses

Leather Collars and Leashes for dogs

A classy leather Dog Collar with matching Leash is an upgrade to any ordinary walk around the block. In addition to the elegant Tiergarten Collection and regal Ravello made from Nubuck Leather, greased leather Dog Collars and Leashes can be found across most of our collections — amongst others Riverlino, Riverside Park and Central Park — which have very durable material properties that also makes them suitable for wild excursions in the forrest. In the case of a surprise swim or dip in the lake, greased leather should be thoroughly dried in the shade and can afterwards be worn as per usual. To prolong the life of leather dog accessories and avoid a porous surface, we recommend greasing the collars, harnesses and leashes regularly.

All leather Collars and Leashes are available in various widths to accommodate different breeds, such as for Chihuahua and Miniature Dachshunds to extra large for the Ridgebacks, Golden Retrievers or Bernese Mountain Dog. Available in XS to XXXL.

Extendable Dog Leashes

A particularly useful characteristic of our leashes are the multiple variations one have in one simple dog lead. A selection of our leashes (for example the leather leashes Riverside Park, Hyde Park or Tivoli) are adjustable in length and thanks to its multiple carabiners and can be modified from a long hand loop leash, to medium length to hang over the shoulder (hands-free leash) to a short training leash. The medium variation allows the owner to have their hands free during walks and all the more reasons to enjoy the walk. Pro tip: the leash also functions as a relaxed jogging leash.

The trendy Rope Leash

A classic combination of rope and leather has as of recent become a chic and modern classic amongst other Dog Leashes. Most often the rope is combined with real leather; whereas at Cloud7, the cool yet stylish Rope Dog Leashes and Rope Dog Collars made with braided linen or cotton rope are complemented with 100% vegan „leather“ derived from cactus fibers. The Planten and Blomen Rope Dog Leads are adjustable in length and work comfortably as a hands-free leash.

Fabric Dog Leash and Collars

One of the most appealing advantages of Dog Collars and Leashes made with fabric that is easily washable. Not only are they extremely easy to care for and machine-washable for when things get a little muddy, but they are also ideal for swimming. Cotton Dog Collars or webbing collars are sturdy yet beautifully lightweight; from a variety to choose from and in addition to bright colors and adjustable sizes, our range includes vegan alternatives with buckle closures (view Prater Collection) or timeless collars with suede or smooth leather (view the popular Tivoli collection in elegant shades). To wash the collars and leashes with leather elements, please refer to our care instructions found on each product page.

Vegan Leather Dog Leash and Collar Set

Even though all of the leather that Cloud7 uses in the production are sourced from scraps and wastes of the food industry, the constant development of products without animal traces is high on the agenda.This is how the idea for Planten and Blomen Dog Collars and Leash set made with 100% vegan leather from cactus fibers was born. The timeless and elegant design however was never forgotten despite the use of naturally-derived materials.

Wide Collars for dogs

Especially for larger dogs, strong pullers and sighthounds is a wide collar the preferred alternative. Whether made of fabric or leather, a wide collar provides a better pressure distribution for those who are more sensitive around the neck area. Fortunately our Tiergarten Collection made from Nubuck leather is even available in widths up to 3.5 cm. As for the sighthounds and whippets, their petite appearance and proportionally long neck requires an optimized and appropriate collar such as our Regent Park Collection wide leather Dog Collars. The extra width of the sighthound collar allows the collar to sit comfortably and therefore not choke the wearer.

The Dog Harness

Oftentimes when the dog are strong pullers with the collar, their owners would opt for the harnesses for better control. Likewise for puppies is the dog harness a good alternative until the dog is able to walk on a leash without pulling and to protect their growing organs. This also applies to safety measurements in the car and walks with a long line is the harness the recommended option to ensure the proper distribution of pressure on the dog. The Dog Harness properly alleviates the pressure away from the neck and allocates it to the chest of the shoulder — this completely depends on whether you opt for a Y-harness (also called the dual-clip harness), safety harness, chest harness (also called the back-clip or step-in harness) or the Norwegian harness (also called the over-the-head harness). For smaller breeds is a lightweight dog harness preferred, usually made from fabric with leather elements similar to our Tivoli Collection. Worry not, Cloud7 also has a variety of no pull dog harness for large dogs as both our harness collections Central Park Leather Dog Harness and Tivoli Dog Harness are also available in extra large sizes.

Made in Europe

Our range of Dog Leashes, Dog Collars and Dog Harnesses are handcrafted in family-owned manufacturers across Europe. Whether made with premium leather, 100% vegan innovations or fabrics — the dog accessories are detailed with durable metal elements such as stainless steel or brass for maximized safety on your daily walks.