Cloud7 Dog Blanket Evergreen


A comprehensive selection of essentials for your puppy’s initial gear, including toys, puppy collars, beds, and blankets.
Puppy Collars and Leashes
Nylon Dog Collar RESC7UE Green
from €19.00
Nylon Dog Leash RESC7UE Green
from €34.00
Nylon Y Dog Harness RESC7UE Green
from €39.00
Dog Collar Riverlino Saddle Brown Silver
from €29.00
Dog Leash Riverlino Saddle Brown Silver
Dog Leash Riverlino with Hand Loop Saddle Brown Silver
€48.30 €69.00
Dog Collar Prater Sunset
from €35.00
Dog Collar Click Prater Sunset
from €32.00
Dog Leash Prater Sunset
Dog Collar Riverlino Saddle Brown Gold
from €29.00
Dog Leash Riverlino Saddle Brown Gold
Puppy Carriers and Travel Beds
Dog Carrier Bergamo Wool Black
Dog Carrier Lucca Canvas Sand
from €139.00
Dog Carrier Como Heather Brown
from €299.00
Dog Carrier Como Black
from €299.00
Dog Carrier Milano Herringbone Brown
from €111.30 €159.00
Travel Bed Tweed Grey
from €99.00
Travel Bed Water-Repellent Graphite - Sand
from €119.00
Travel Bed Backpack Charcoal
Beds and Blankets for Puppies
Dog Basket Lazy Linen Circles
from €69.30 €99.00
Dog Basket Lazy Canvas Olive
from €89.00
Dog Basket Cuddly Plush Ecru
from €55.30 €79.00
Dog Mat Water-Repellent Mid Grey - Dark Grey
from €99.00
Dog Blanket Soft Fleece Dusty Green
from €25.00
Dog Blanket Evergreen
from €29.00

Dog Toys for Puppies, Treat Bags and more

More Puppy Accessories
Dog Sweater Bergen Greige
from €31.60 €79.00
Dog Bowl Granny Dark Green
from €29.00
Dog Toy Coati Nuno

The puppy starter kit: puppy toys, puppy collar and more

Puppy starter pack — everything you need to know

Who doesn’t love puppies? They are without a doubt undeniably cute with their little puppy bellies, short snouts and yet to be coordinated limbs. But don’t get fooled by their puppy eyes just yet, the bigger the puppy, the bigger the demand. In order to keep true to our vision of sustainability, we recommend to opt for long-lasting products that could adapt as your puppy grows instead of buying multiple dog beds or dog collars as they outgrow each phase. Don’t fret: a puppy don’t need that many things. Here’s a list of our recommended products that lasts a lifetime to shower your first new puppy with as they move into their new forever home.

The right kind of puppy bowl

A dog bowl for water should regularly re-filled with with fresh water at least twice a day and easily reachable, especially for a small breed puppy. This should be the first thing that the puppy should get as soon as they arrive at your home.

For every mealtime (puppies usually get more feeds a day than the usual adult dog) a separate feeding bowl is necessary. Especially during this crucial puppy training time, a routine is the number one priority, therefore we recommend a lightweight and simple dog bowl that are stable yet not easily destructible by puppies’ shark teeth. Our personal choice is the Enamel Dog Bowl Granny or the waterproof and foldable dog bowl made with innovative materials for on the go.

Products that grow together with the puppy: puppy collar and puppy leash

Especially for training sessions outside of the house, are a puppy collar or if preferred, puppy harness and a respective puppy leash necessary. As most streets and parks are leash-only, your puppy should wear something that is lightweight and comfortable for their small puppy body. We recommending opting for an adjustable dog collar that can grow with the puppy as they develop into an adult dog. The puppy collar should be adjustable step by step to mimic the growth of the puppy’s body. A lightweight dog leash should be easy to hold in your hands and detailed with dainty metal elements to ensure that the puppy is not unnecessarily stressed from the carabiner.

Lightweight and comfortable puppy collars and leashes:

  • standard dog leash with a hand loop or length adjustable dog leash
  • extra small leather dog leash for puppies and small dogs
  • braided details for extra resistance
  • matching leather puppy collar here
  • adjustable dog collar with quick release buckle or suede and classic buckle
  • lightweight webbed dog collar with and without leather, similar to a Nylon dog collar
  • stylish puppy leash with suede and lightweight metal detailing
  • multiple settings dog leash
  • versatile puppy leash
  • lightweight cotton rope combined with vegan cactus “leather”
  • recommended for young adolescent dogs or dogs 9 kg and above due to larger metal elements
  • puppy leash also great as hands-free leash for training (length adjustable)
  • matching puppy leash from cotton rope available

Looking for tools to make outdoor training sessions more fun? Treat Bag, Dog Poop Bag Holder and of course the Poop Bags.

Sleeping on Cloud 7: the puppy bed

Puppies and adolescent dogs sleep more often than adult dogs and can sleep up to 18 hours a day. A puppy bed must therefore be relaxing and supportive on the joints to promote the regeneration of energy to build important muscles and bones. A comfortable dog bed offer a young puppy a secluded place away from all of the excitement of the world and simultaneously a place to settle down. Similarly to a bolster dog bed, to create a sense of extra security, the sides of a puppy bed can be higher than a normal dog pillow. The dog bed covers should also be robust enough to withstand the puppy teething phase. Although, however durable a dog bed can be, a puppy’s set of pointy shark teeth may still be able to puncture a few holes in the toughest materials. For extra comfort, discover our cuddly Fleece dog blankets range or wool-mix in crochet look.

  • a secluded dog basket for puppies
  • natural dog basket derived from seagrass
  • available in various pillow materials and colors
  • very snuggly dog basket with bolster edges
  • rounded dog wicker basket great for puppies made with natural materials
  • available in various pillow materials and colors
  • hand-filled long lasting mattress with chamber system
  • comfortable bolster dog bed
  • interchangeable bed covers available in various colors and materials

Dog toys to tire out and support bonding

Once a tired out puppy has its nap, the next burst of energy is just around the corner. A short walk or an indoor play is a great way to tire out an energized ball of fur. For plays, we recommend a plush dog toy to start with, whether to play fetch with or a round of tug of war — as it helps target certain muscles that are not regularly in use such as the jaw and hind legs and simultaneously supports bonding between the owner and puppy.

Puppy toys made with natural materials

  • Dog Toy Fips and Bruno with high percentage of recycled wool for the outer material
  • Dog Toy Love Bone Plüsch made with organic cotton for outer material
  • Dog Toy Molly and Ellie with hemp fibres for outer material

Puppy toys for fetch or retrieving

Chew toys for puppies

  • braided rope bone to support jaw muscles; please note that the fibres should not be shallowed

The puppy bag for nap breaks on-the-go

A comfortable and easily portable dog bag can come in handy if the puppy should ever get tired during an exciting day out. As a general rule of thumb for dog owners, a puppy should walk on its own only for 5 minutes for every month of age. A dog carrier is also useful for training patience and settling down at restaurants, hotels, trains and everywhere else. It’s a great alternative to providing a comfort zone and a familiar place in new and unfamiliar situations.

Best part of it? Small dogs up to 10 kg will love its washable puppy bag for a lifetime.

Cloud7 puppy bags

  • Dog Bag Como: Dog transport bag with detachable cuddly inner-lining and washable leather
  • Dog Bag Lucca: washable dog carrier with comfortable shoulder straps in unisex design
  • Dog Bag Milano: washable dog bag with fluffy inner-lining in stylish light pink
  • Dog Bag Montreal: Eco Puffer dog transport with fluffy inner-lining and puffer filled with recycled PET bottles
  • Dog Bag Bergamo: minimalistic dog carrier in grey and black with robust canvas outer material and rubber feet

Also great as alternatives to puppy bag

Grooming for puppies: Dog Shampoo, Dog Bathrobe and more

The first bath for a puppy after arriving at their new home won’t be the only time they spend in the bathtub, especially for a highly adventurous puppy that might like to jump in a puddle or two. For dog bath days we recommend a mild dog shampoo made with natural ingredients to not irritate their puppy fur. Straight out of the bathtub and in the bathrobe: a dog bathrobe helps not only dry a puppy quickly but also prevents them from catching a cold whilst protecting the home furniture from getting any water droplets. In order to maintain a healthy PH-value of the dog skin and fur, refrain from bathing a puppy too often. Should some dirt get entangled in the fur, a simple dog brush can usually get the job done and lend the fur a beautiful shine.