Cloud7 Dog Bed Siesta Graphite Outdoor


Sleek extra large beds specially designed to provide optimal support to large breeds.
Outdoor Dog Bed Siesta Graphite
from €179.00
Dog Bed Siesta Tweed Grey
from €179.00

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XL dog beds

Big beds for big dogs.

It's not easy being a big dog! The food portions are generally always too small, when driving you have to retract your head and now and then you knock something over with your rear end - by mistake, of course.

It's good to be able to stretch out comfortably along the length of your Cloud7 dog bed.

Dog Bed XXL
Dog Pillow XXL

Sleep well on XL dog beds for XL to XXL dogs.

Large dogs have particularly high demands on their sleeping place. Due to the high weight, a dimensionally stable and high-quality mattress is extremely important. This has been shown to make the big ones sleep healthier. The joints are optimally relieved. Spine and body can recover well. Tension is prevented.

Cloud7 therefore pays special attention to the high quality of the XL dog beds:

- Comfortable: High mattress chambers and high-quality fillings of latex and polyester flakes ensure a stable mattress without the risk of lying through.

- Durable: Even after many years the dog beds retain their stability.

- Sustainable: Only sustainable textiles are used. The untreated, organic substances are guaranteed to be free of harmful substances.

- Practical: All covers of the dog beds are washable in the washing machine.

- Varied: For all designs and sizes, interchangeable covers are available in various colours, some also with washable, waterproof fabrics.

- Individual: Of course there are all dog beds in different sizes, suitable for different dog breeds.

Plenty of room for late risers.

One Wolfhound, two Labradors or even seven dachshunds - in the spacious and comfortable dog beds in size XL all find their place. Even gentle giants, synchronized sleepers and small mini packs can make themselves comfortable and dream of new adventures.

Happy dogs and happy owners.

A large dog bed is definitely an eye-catcher. It's good when the design can also be seen. The stylish Cloud7 dog beds have already won many international design awards and fit perfectly into modern, stylish living spaces.

XL dog beds by Cloud7 convince like all Cloud7 dog beds by shapely designs, so that one almost does not like to decide. The covers are offered in stylish, discreet natural shades that harmonise with any living ambience.

The Cloud7 dog beds are available in cosy tweed, cuddly teddy cloth, classic cotton canvas or even with waterproof, antibacterial outer fabric - you are spoilt for choice.

Almost all the materials used are organic or have been recycled. Sustainability is an integral part of the Cloud7 brand ethos.

Practical, flexible and beautiful to look at - the duvet covers.

Dogs also like to jump into their bed with dirty paws. To keep the sleeping area clean, all covers are of course washable in the washing machine.

And if you feel like changing the colour of your dog's bed, Cloud7 offers a variety of stylish covers. Cloud7 offers for all almost designs and sizes the matching exchangeable covers for single purchase.