Dog Bed Siesta Graphite Outdoor


Super low maintenance beds made with waterproof materials and perfect for dogs with incontinence too.
Outdoor Dog Bed Sleepy Deluxe Graphite
from €199.00
Outdoor Dog Bed Siesta Graphite
from €179.00
RESC7UE Dog Pillow Anthra
from €59.00

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Dog beds waterproof

For little dirty little sparrows.

There should be dogs that are naturally clean and tidy. These noble contemporaries would never jump into mud puddles at full speed or dig their way through muddy farmland. A huge bow is made around each water hole.

And then there are the other copies. The small wild boars, which are almost unstoppable outside. They look really happy in the rain and mud. The ones you almost can't get out of the lake in summer.

Cloud7 has developed the waterproof dog beds for these four-legged friends.

As with the entire Cloud7 range, this product line also focuses on sophisticated design, top quality, durability and fair manufacturing. In addition, the washable duvet material makes it particularly easy to clean.

Practical and beautiful at the same time.

Have you ever tried to get a fidgety Labrador with mud paws dry and clean after a walk? In spite of careful dry scrubbing, some wetness or dirt can remain in the coat - and finally in the dog bed. 

Good, the waterproof Cloud7 dog beds are very easy to clean. The extremely robust outer fabric is washable and easy-care - so it is not bad, if the dog jumps after the morning round in the rain or the Rumtoben with the dog buddies in the park times with wet fur or dirty paws into the dog bed.

The comfortable, waterproof models with their elegant, minimalist design fit perfectly into any stylish home. They are also perfect as outdoor dog beds on patios, verandas or in the garden.

No matter whether the tired four-legged friend likes to lay his head down comfortably, snuggles up in a corner or prefers to sleep long outstretched: on a waterproof Cloud7 bed he can do this even if he is not wet and dirty.

Available with waterproof cover are the bed "SLEEPY" with the characteristic, comfortable edge and the elegant "SIESTA".

The dog sleeping places have the proven high-quality Cloud7 mattress, in which a filling of latex and polyester flakes is used. This is stitched into several high chambers. Thus the Cloud7 beds keep their stable shape for years. Of course, the covers are removable, washable and can be washed in the washing machine.

The Cloud7 waterproof dog beds are available in 4 different sizes from S to XL, so that every dog can find the right dog bed.

For dogs who like to sleep longer, more beautiful.

The water-repellent dog beds from Cloud7 are ideal for all dogs who love not only water, but also their dog bed. Because of the robust cover it is very easy to clean and looks like new for a very long time.