Different shapes and materials for safe dog walks.

Nylon Y Dog Harness RESC7UE Green
from €39.00
Nylon Y Dog Harness RESC7UE Silver
from €39.00
Harness Tivoli Black-Cognac
from €49.00
Harness Tivoli Olive
from €49.00
Harness Tivoli Greige
from €49.00
Harness Central Park Saddle Brown Silver
from €89.00
Harness Central Park Camel Silver
from €89.00
Harness Central Park Black Silver
from €89.00
Harness Central Park Elephant Silver
from €89.00
Dog Harness Central Park Saddle Brown Gold
from €89.00
Dog Harness Central Park Camel Gold
from €89.00
Dog Harness Central Park Black Gold
from €89.00

Individually customizable dog tags.

Custom Dog Tag Black (single-sided)
Custom Dog Tag Silver (single-sided)
Custom Dog Tag Gold (single-sided)

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High quality dog harnesses

High quality comfortable dog collars and dog harnesses

In additional to high quality craftsmanshipy, our top priority when it comes to dog accessories are to provide maximal comfort for the dogs. The extensive size range allows comfortable dog harnesses to be worn by small dogs such as Chihuahuas and Dachshunds as well as large dogs such as Weimaraners and Great Danes without restricting their natural movement. Whether leather or robust fabric dog harness — Cloud7 harnesses compliment not only the your dog’s personality but provide them simultaneously with maximum safety.

The minimalistic designs and sleek elegance are what makes Cloud7 dog harnesses top of the line. Unnecessary decorations are put aside whilst highest quality of materials found across the detailing are put in place, all to ensure a reliable longevity.

The dog harness: fit and various types

A dog harness is the alternative choice especially when it comes to dogs who are strong puller. Otherwise is a dog harness also recommended for puppies in order to protect the growing delicate body until the puppy can elegantly heel on walks.

Not only for everyday use, a dog harness can come in handy for car rides as well as training recalls, as one should always buckle to a dog harness in the two situations to avoid any injuries to the dog’s neck. A dog harness allows any pressure to be distributed evenly across the chest or shoulders — depending on the type of harness: a Y-shape harness, a safety harness, front clip harness, step in harness or over the head harness. For small dogs, a light dog harness preferably with fabric is always recommended, such as the leather and fabric combination of the Tivoli collection. A fitting harness for large dogs is also available from our Tivoli and full leather version Central Park.

  • Dog harness up to XXL for small and large dogs
  • Extra robust double seam stitch
  • Machine washable dog harness
  • Braided smooth leather dog harness
  • Durable rivets hardware
  • Traditional hand craftsmanship

An important note on dog harnesses is that it fits comfortably without any restrictions on natural movements as well as high quality craftsmanship behind it. The harness should sit on the dog comfortably without being too tight and the shoulder blades should have full movements. Additionally, the belt should not rub under the armpit. The dog should not notice the presence of the harness and still be able to enjoy their walk as per usual.

On the other hand, dogs that fully understand how to talk elegantly on a lead as well as who prefers to run off leash, mostly prefers a simple dog collar. This way, the chances of getting stuck on something during their forest run is lower. We recommend getting your pup used to both simple collar as well as a harness to ensure that you are prepped for every situation to come.

Made in Europe

Both our leather and fabric dog collars collections are all carefully made by hand at our production partners. Thus resulting in the exceptional quality complete with highly durable stainless steel buckles, rings and carabiners as well as intricate stitching for a strong withhold.