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Dog cooling vests for particularly hot days

Dogs love to run around outside, but they often suffer from the heat, especially on hot summer days. This is no surprise, as temperatures nowadays can go to record highs of up to 40 degrees. Depending on the breed, origin and fur, some animals can cope better with these temperatures than others.

A particularly effective way to provide relief for dogs in high temperatures is to use a cooling loop for the neck or a cooling vest.

Cooling down dogs: function and advantages of the cooling vest

The cooling vests/ jackets for dogs work in a simple but extremely effective way: All you have to do is soak the jacket or loop in cold water from the inside. Innovative materials and an intelligent design ensure that the dog's body is cooled without getting wet. The principle is based on evaporative cooling: the water in the vest evaporates slowly, drawing heat away from the dog's body. This keeps him pleasantly cool for up to 6 hours even on the hottest days.

At what temperature does my dog need a cooling waistcoat?

Cooling waistcoats can protect against overheating. As soon as it gets too warm outside or you notice that your dog won't stop panting, a cooling vest or a cooling loop can help and cool him down.

Cooling jacket or cooling loop?

The big advantage of a cooling suit or jacket is clearly that it covers more of the body’s surface and therefore fulfils the cooling function better. The thought-through design allows the main cooling effect around the chest and back area whilst leaving the belly and lower body uncovered to protect the internal major organs from hypothermia. With cooling loops, only the neck is covered. The smaller covered surface naturally means less cooling, but at the same time the dog has more freedom of movement as a cooling loop weighs less.

Cooling down your dog in summer: safety first

When it comes to providing our beloved four-legged friends with a pleasant way to cool down in summer, safety is paramount. It is important to remember that dogs must never be left in overheated cars. Even short periods of time can be life-threatening. Instead, it is possible to cool the dog at home in the flat. A cooling vest is an ideal addition to ensure pleasant temperatures indoors, for example in an attic flat.

Cooling your dog in the car: Tips for travelling

When travelling on hot days, it is important to ensure that your dog is adequately cooled while on the move. In addition to regular breaks in the shade and plenty of water, a cooling jacket and a cooling loop are also a good idea. These can easily be carried in the car and put on when needed. This will keep your dog relaxed and at a comfortable temperature even on long car journeys. Nevertheless, it is advisable to avoid park in the blazing sun and rather travel in the cooler morning or evening hours.

With a cooling suit, you can ensure that your faithful companion enjoys pleasant temperatures even on the hottest days of the year. However, the individual needs and preferences of your dog should always be taken into account. So nothing stands in the way of a summer full of adventures together!