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Mauerpark collection: Vegan rope collars & leashes

An entire collection dedicated to one of the Berlin's most popular park with colorful rope leashes and collars complete with 100% vegan cactus imitation leather.

More vegan dog collars and leashes

Vegan Dog Coats & Dog Sweaters

Dog coats made with recycled Fleece, recycled polyester or recycled PET plastic for sustainability.

Vegan dog beds

Vegan Dog Carrier Bergamo

Vegan Dog Toys

Vegan Dog Treat Bags & Poop Bag Holders

Eco-friendly and vegan dog accessories

Why vegan dog supplies?

At Cloud7, it is crucial for us to not only operate in an environmentally conscious direction as well as keeping the welfare of animals in mind, but also to offer dog products that match the lifestyles of our consumers. It is a no brainer for someone who excludes animal-derived products in their diet would also avoid animal-derived products such as leather dog collars and leashes or even a dog bed with leather detailing.

In order to keep up with the evolving lifestyles, the range go vegan dog accessories will continue to grow overtime. In the meantime, explore our current collection below.

Vegan dog collars and dog leads

Rope dog collars and dog leashes are not new to the trend, however they are usually finished with leather detailings. Cloud7 now offers various collections of rope dog collars and leashes such as the Planten and Blomen as well as the Mauerpark that are completely free from animal byproducts and instead are finished with imitation leather from cactus fibres. The cactus fibres are processed with organic polyurethane to mimic the feel or real high quality leather.

  • Soft rope dog collars and leads for dogs (paracord)
  • Breathable cotton and genuine brass
  • Washable walking set
  • Soft rope dog collars and leads for dogs (braided)
  • Cooling linen and genuine brass
  • Washable walking set
  • Colourful rope dog collars and leads for dogs
  • Soft cotton rope
  • Black metal elements
  • Washable walking set

Vegan dog beds

The Cloud7 mattresses are protected with an organic cotton mattress cover. In addition to the organic material, the mattresses are filled with a blend of extreme long-lasting and durable materials which in combination with the specially developed chamber system help prevent the beds from sagging even after years of use. This is our promise to you that every Cloud7 bed will last your dog’s lifetime as well as return to its original form even after multiple washes. Explore the Cloud7 eco-friendly dog beds.

  • Organic cotton mattress cover
  • Long-lasting dog bed that won’t sag
  • The plüsch variations come without leather detailings (bed covers Tweed Grey, Tweed Taupe, Herringbone Brown, Teddy are NOT vegan)
  • Basket from naturally-derived and unprocessed seagrass
  • Minimalistic design
  • Machine washable pillow
  • Pillow available in cotton or canvas
  • Minimalistic dog pillow
  • Extra robust outer material
  • Effortlessly washable
  • Sleeping bag in puffer look
  • Sustainable puffer from 100% recycled PET plastic
  • Ideal for traveling
  • Lightly packable in own bag

Vegan dog carriers

Similarly for dog transport bags were the use of leather detailings, down feather as well as wool the standard normality. The Bergamo dog bag on the other hand is free from any animal byproducts and instead is completed with warm Eco Puffer from recycled PET plastic and robust canvas as well as soft cotton inner lining. Vegan dog transport bag in puffer look.

  • Dog bags for dogs up to 8 kg
  • Unisex design in grey and black
  • Rubber studs for stability

Vegan dog toys

Chew toys, plush toys, squeaky toys or rope tug-of-wars toys for dogs: a large part of our dog toy range are made from vegan materials such as recycled PET plastic.

Dog sweater and dog coat vegan

The following dog clothing were consciously made without the use of any animal-derived materials such as wool, down feathers or leather. Instead the coats are especially made with recycled Fleece, recycled polyester or recycled PET plastic for sustainability.

  • Sustainable dog sweater
  • 100% recycled Fleece
  • Multi-purpose machine washable dog sweater
  • Dog rain jacket for small and large dogs
  • Large components of recycled materials
  • Available in yellow, dark green and read
  • Waterproof dog raincoat
  • Large components of recycled materials
  • Features longer zipper opening for all types of dog harnesses
  • Warm lined
  • Extreme durable materials (Neon Orange, Stone Grey)
  • Available in 12 sizes
  • Tear resistant outer material
  • Lined with soft Fleece
  • Available in 12 sizes
  • 100% reflective outer material for safety in low light
  • Lined with soft Fleece
  • Available in 12 sizes
  • Puffer dog coat for winter
  • Puffer made with 100% vegan Eco Puffer
  • Cloud7 warmest dog coat

More vegan dog accessories

For more eco-friendly animal-free accessories for walks and dog training, explore the Cloud7 mini vegan essentials.

Additionally are all Cloud7 dog bowls are free from animal byproducts — apart from the jute food mat.