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Dog bed, dog pillow or basket – how to find the perfect sleeping spot for your dog

Learn here what you should look out for when buying a bed in order to find the ideal space for your dog's individual needs.

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Guide to Dog Coats: Tricks to find the perfect fit

Find out when a dog coat makes sense, what you should look out for when buying it and which types of winter coats and dog sweaters you can choose from.

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How to find a suitable collar for your dog

Some would always go for a dog harness, the other four-legged friends only go for walks through the woods and meadows wearing dog collars. The following article will provide you with useful information, in order to make your choice easier.

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Guide to Dog Leashes: Which leash is best for my dog?

Whether in the city or in the country side, you should always have a leash handy when walking your dog. To give your dog enough room to run and walk around, there are various models and types of dog leashes available to suit all tastes and requirements. Read for yourself.

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How to find the best nutritional diet for your dog

Certain ingredients in the diet can ensure a shiny coat, promote the vitality of your pet and strengthen the dog's overall well-being. Find out all about it here.

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Interview between Cloud7 and Robert Altermoser, founder of the animal welfare organization Everydaystray

Robert Altermoser's life is about taking care of stray dogs in Bulgaria, in order to provide them with a better future. Have a read on his aims with the organization which all proceeds of the Cloud7 RESC7UE Collection are donated to.

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