Portable comfort BEDS EN ROUTE

For the particularly smaller and lighter dogs are our dog carriers the perfect alternative to our dog travel mats. Made especially soft and snuggly, it allows you to provide your dog with a comfortable and safe place to nap whilst accompanying you wherever you may be.

Dog bags

It couldn't be more comfortable: the portable dog bed from Cloud7.

You should be a dog - better said, a small dog. Because the dog bags of Cloud7 is made especially for them: puppy, puppy, Chihuahua, pug, dachshund and all other quadrupeds up to about 10 kg. When the little legs get tired, the dog bag offers pure luxury and it goes into the comfortable bag for an extensive nap.

The comfortable resting place invites you to relax while your master or mistress is out and about in town, sitting in a restaurant or travelling by plane or car. The bag can also be used as a dog basket for bicycles. After all, the most beautiful thing for a dog is to be with its biped.

Made for dogs, loved by dog lovers.

The Cloud7 dog bags can be seen everywhere. The dog bag "City Carrier" has won international design awards as well as the hearts of countless customers. The high-quality, water-repellent fabric is as robust as it is stylish. The handles and design details made of genuine leather make the carrier bag a real eye-catcher for the dog. And when a cute little furry nose looks out, you can pack luxury bags and IT bags.

The bags can be carried comfortably and easily on the arm. When parked, they are always safe and stable, so that the four-legged friend can sleep peacefully.

The right size for small dogs.

The City Carrier from Cloud7 is available in two handy sizes; so the portable bed is certainly the right size for the small quadruped. Roll in or out - here the dog sleeps completely relaxed.

Of course Cloud7 pays attention to environmentally friendly and sustainable production, as with all products:

- All materials are free of chemical additives.

- The materials are undyed and untreated.

- The materials are undyed and untreated.

- The cotton comes from organic cultivation.

- The leather parts are washable.

- The bag is manufactured under guaranteed fair conditions.

- The bag is manufactured under guaranteed fair conditions.

And if this beautiful dog basket should get dirty, the bag and inner part can easily be washed in the machine. So the little darling always has a clean place outside the house.

The retreat for small dogs.

The dog bags from Cloud7 are the ideal retreat for small four-legged friends, if on the way becomes hectic. Whether in the office, at an event or on journeys to the metropolises of the world. Small dogs are often overtaxed by too much hustle and bustle and need a quiet place where they are safe from inattentive kicks and intrusive stroking attacks.

The Cloud7 dog bag offers safety and security when and where your little friend needs it. So the dog always has his cozy cave with him and can retreat when needed - and yet is always with him.