Minimal, unisex, cosy portable dog bed, ideal for puppies, Chihuahuas, pugs, Dachshunds, and dogs under 9 kg.
Dog Carrier Lucca Canvas Sand
from €139.00
Dog Carrier Lucca Canvas Basalt
from €139.00
Dog Carrier Bergamo Wool Black
€146.30 €209.00
Dog Carrier Bergamo Wool Granite
from €132.30 €189.00
Dog Carrier Montreal Olive
from €189.00
Dog Carrier Como Black
from €299.00
Dog Carrier Como Petrol Grey
from €299.00
Dog Carrier Como Dark Green
from €299.00
Dog Carrier Como Taupe
from €349.00
Dog Carrier Como Heather Brown
from €299.00
Dog Carrier Milano Herringbone Brown
from €111.30 €159.00

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Dog bags & dog carriers that don't compromise on comfort:

The Cloud7 portable dog beds

Small dogs, puppies, older dogs, Chihuahuas, Dachshunds or Shih Tzus and all dogs up to 10 kg tend to sometime feel uncomfortable to sit or lie down on a naked ground at restaurants, hotels or cafes. The Cloud7 dog bags & dog carriers are the perfect solution for when small dogs get tired on the go, as a dog purse has the ability to offer little dogs relaxation within their own comfort zone, to doze the excitement away.

The easy portable rest area is extremely practical for when dog owners are travelling by train or bus, short restaurant visits, getaways on the weekend or in some countries even traveling by planes. The dog bags are also a great addition to a stable bike dog basket to give your four-legged the comfortable seat that they need.

Made for dogs, loved by all

International design awards holder, the Cloud7 dog carriers are recognizable everywhere. The dog bag “City Carrier” being most popular by endless customer demands is robust yet elegant. Using only the highest quality of water-resistant materials, completed with design details through the use of real natural leather, it is irresistibly a one-of-a-kind not only the in the dog world, but in the fashion world too. The dog bag is easily carried everywhere thanks to the precisely measured straps to drape perfectly over your shoulders. The dog purse stands tall on its own that your dog will feel like it’s sleeping amongst the clouds.

The perfect transporter for small dogs

The Cloud7 designer dog bags are available in two spacious yet carriable sizes to ensure that there is the perfect size for every small dog. Rolled up in a dog donut or stretched out, dogs will forget that there’s a whole world outside the bag.

Cloud7 only uses sustainable materials in its sustainable production across all products:

- soft and cuddly materials are toxic free and free from any harmful chemicals

- all materials are unprocessed and uncoloured

- cotton derived from organic cotton farms

- washable leather detailings

- guaranteed fair & ethical production

Should the dog bag ever need a thorough wash, although a simple wipe can usually get the job done if dirt ever get on it, simply wash the dog purse in the washing machine. Your fur-legged friend is bound to be pleased about a brand new and clean sleeping zone.

A comfort zone on the go

Cloud7 dog carriers are the ideal designated relaxation area for before, after and during commutes. It is also especially great as a redirection for dogs in stressful situations. Whether in the office, at an event or at on a casual day out on the town. Small dogs are more often than not, tend to get overwhelmed by the sea of legs at their eye-level, a dog bag can help alleviate this stress by giving them a source of comfort and safety that are necessary for them to tackle the situation on their own.

The perfect bag for dogs to relax in, accompany their owners and discover the world together.

Herausnehmbares kuscheliges Innenfutter einer Hundetasche
Detail einer Hundetasche mit kuscheligem Innenfutter