Our dog cushions are thoughtfully designed and built to withstand years of use without sagging.
Dog Poufs Plush
A durable mattress with extra cozy materials for a new level of comfort.
Dog Pouf Yeti
from €259.00
RESC7UE Dog Pillows
10% of the sales from a RESC7UE dog bed are donated directly to registered animal rescue organizations.
RESC7UE Dog Pillow Rosé
from €59.00
RESC7UE Dog Pillow Sage
from €59.00
RESC7UE Dog Pillow Anthra
from €59.00
Cube Dog Pillow
Square dog bed with organic cotton bed cover. Robust and washable.
Dog Bed Cube Tartan Purple
from €249.00
Dog Bed Cube Tartan Green
from €249.00
Siesta Dog Pillow
Medium firm comfortable mattress with a vertical chamber system and practical handle.
Dog Bed Siesta Teddy
from €179.00
Outdoor Dog Bed Siesta Graphite
from €179.00
Homey Dog Pillow
Loose filling for an extra soft dog bed with scratch resistant materials and leather detailing.
Dog Bed Homey Linen Natural/Blue
from €149.00
Dog Bed Homey Linen Stripes Natural/Green
from €149.00
Dog Bed Homey Tweed Rosé
from €149.00
Dog Bed Homey Mélange Olive
from €129.00
Dog Bed Homey Mélange Anthra
from €129.00
Variety of Dog Pillows
Minimalistic and simple dog pillows for every interior style.
Dog Pillow Lazy Linen Stripes Natural/Blue
from €89.00
Dog Pillow Lazy Linen Stripes Natural/Green
from €89.00
Dog Pillow Lazy Maple
from €29.40 €42.00
Dog Pillow Lazy Canvas Olive
from €42.00
Dog Pillow Lazy Canvas Black
from €25.20 €42.00

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Dog Pillows and Dog Mattresses

A great design for a high quality dog bed lies in the developmental process that ensure its long-lasting abilities, easy maintenance as well as comfort.

The chamber system found in the super durable mattress allows the bed to have orthopaedic properties whilst keeping its volume over years of use and therefore anti-sagging. The medium firm mattress for dogs are supportive on their joints as well as allows them to have a comfortable and safe sleeping area.

Round dog beds and dog poufs

Along many other sleeping positions, many dogs have the tendency to roll themselves up to cuddle into a donut position. For these dogs, a round dog bed or commonly known as a dog pouf is highly recommended for a comfortable sleep.

  • Woven rug style
  • Extremely fluffy dog bed
  • For dogs up to 25 kg
  • Medium firm durable mattress
  • Available in three colourways
  • Cuddly dog bed
  • For dogs up to 25 kg
  • Medium firm durable mattress

Washable dog pillow

Every Cloud7 dog cushion comes with a removable dog cover that is machine washable. The RESC7UE dog pillow is even machine washable at up 60° cycle (mattress including) in its entirety.

Tumble drying is however not recommended.

Outdoor and car dog pillow

For the warmer months on the terrace, for daily car rides or crate bed: the outdoor dog pillows feature a water resistant underside that are suitable for moist surfaces such as the terrace paving. Thanks to its extremely robust materials and easy maintenance, the durable dog pillows are also recommended for the car or as crate pillows.

  • At up to 60° machine washable
  • Water resistant underside
  • In various colourways
  • 10% of the sales donated to animal rescue organisations
  • In timeless grey
  • Practical handle for transport
  • Anti bacterial coating
  • Also for dogs with incontinence

Cozy dog pillows

Loosely filled mattress to comfortable sink into like in the Dog Pillow Homey or the extra soft fluffy material: these cozy dog beds complement your interior whilst giving the dogs an extra comfortable spot for a regenerative sleep.

  • Loose-filled mattress
  • Available in Dark Grey or Dark Green
  • Decorative handle from real cow leather
  • Round dog bed
  • Extremely soft bed cover
  • Sinkable centre