Comfortable dog sweaters
Fleece, knitted or soft cotton
Dachshund Sweater Derby Khaki
from €59.00
Dachshund Sweater Derby Dark Grey
from €59.00
Dachshund Fleece Sweater Cornwall Lime Green
from €59.00
Dachshund Fleece Sweater Cornwall Toffee
from €59.00
Dachshund Sweater Cornwall Neon Orange
from €69.00
Dog Sweater Dorset Natural Mélange
from €39.00
Dog Sweater Gotland Dark Brown
from €89.00
Dog Sweater Gotland Beige
from €89.00
Dog Sweater Fleece Derby Beige
from €41.30 €59.00
Dog Sweater Fleece Derby Khaki
from €41.30 €59.00
Dog Sweater Fleece Derby Dark Grey
from €41.30 €59.00
Dog Sweater Dorset Grey Mélange
from €39.00
Dog Sweater Dorset Bottle Green
from €59.00
Dog Sweater Bergen Greige
from €31.60 €79.00
Dog Sweater Oslo Grey
from €23.60 €59.00
DIY Dog Sweater Knitting Kit Curry
from €29.00
DIY Dog Sweater Knitting Kit Stone
from €29.00
Circular Knitting Needles Bamboo 60 / 5.0
Knitting Needles Bamboo 20 / 5.0
Dog Sweater Gotland Brown
Sold out

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When it comes to dog clothing, Cloud7 puts the needs of the dogs first. Exactly why all Cloud7 dog sweaters are designed to perfectly unite elegant designs, tailored-like fit with highly functional materials which results in extremely comfortable dog knits & dog sweaters that are perfect for transitional weather.

All of our dog sweaters are carefully designed to have an effortless wear system, which means that thanks to the Velcro fasteners, you must no longer wrestle with your dog to get their sweater on and out the door within seconds. In order for dog breeds of all shapes and sizes to also have an ideal fitting dog sweater, the dog clothing are available in various sizes between XS and XXL for both large dogs and small dogs. Dog sweaters for breeds ranging from Chihuahua to Rhodesian ridgebacks and great danes.


A dog sweater is not simply an unnecessary dog accessory. A comfortable dog sweater provides not only warmth but also prevents dogs from contracting a cold or joint stiffness in winter.

Small dogs, short-haired dogs, rescue dogs from warm climates or sometimes also long-haired dogs or mutt dogs who possesses little to none undercoat, especially need a dog sweater when the temperatures cool down.

They have the tendency to be more susceptible to cold and moisture that they sometimes also become drenched to the bone.

Also for city dogs that mostly are kept on a leash, do not have the access to running around freely to keep their bodies warm. Especially whilst waiting at stop lights or whilst accompanying their owners shopping, they tend to start shivering, freeze and shake. Active dogs however can also benefit from wearing dog clothing. After rounds of wrestling and running around, they also lose a lot of heat quickly in colder weather and can therefore become more susceptible to injuries and illnesses.

A source of warmth in winter is very important especially for older dogs and sick dogs. Diseases such as arthritis in dogs, hip dysplasia in dogs and or other joint problems in dogs prevent dogs from walking as far and as fast as before. Especially where there are moisture and cold the pain tolerance is therefore lower, which can then lead to further tension in muscles and injury to tendons or ligaments. A well fitted dog coat helps keep senior dogs or older dogs warm and dry.


Small dogs have the disadvantages of being small especially in the rain, snow and cold. Through their shorter legs and proximity to the ground are they more prone to coldness than the average dog. A dog’s belly is especially sensitive to the cold and therefore the vital organs of smaller dog need extra protection. For small dog breeds we highly recommend a dog sweater, once the temperatures reach below 20° degree Celsius.


Does my dog need a dog sweater or a dog coat? A dog sweater is a lighter version of a dog coat, which are great for the transitional weather of the year such as in the fall or spring. Additionally, dog sweaters are also great for dogs who are a little bit more susceptible to the cold, such as for at home or frosty mornings. Please find below an overview of dog sweaters for large dogs and small dogs.

  • Fleece dog sweater
  • Various sizes for dogs of all sizes
  • Minimalistic colors
  • Simple design
  • Practical Velcro fasteners on both sides
  • With wool blend, Fleece or soft cotton jersey
  • Made in Europe
  • Helsinki: classic stripes pattern
  • Oslo: elegant cable knit pattern


For beginners and long time knitters: the DIY knitting set for dog sweaters and dog scarf including pattern made with the finest merino wool is the perfect DIY gift for your four-legged friend. The knitting kit allows you to create your own soft dog sweater with great tailored-like fit. For small dogs and large dogs in sizes S to XL for dogs up to 20kg. Explore the color range of the DIY dog sweater.


With a large extensive range of dog coat sizes from small to large, it is not easy to know which size to choose for your dog. The best tip is to heavily rely on the weight of your dog before one considers the length of the dog coat, measured from the bottom of the neck to the beginning of the tail. Whereas although the chest area is an equally important guide to determine the overall size, the waistband allows you to easily fine-tune the fit with the help of the Velcro fasteners.

For a better demonstration, here is a video guide on how to measure your dog for a coat.