Dog Bathrobes

Terry cloth dog bathrobe in organic Cotton
Snuggly bathrobe made with soft 100% cotton.
Dog Bathrobe Föhr Sage
from €69.00
Dog Bathrobe Föhr Caramel
from €69.00

Advantages of a dog bathrobe

Does my dog need a dog bathrobe?

A dog bathrobe is practical to have on those days after a rainy day, a quick dip in the lake or an early morning beach visit especially whilst in the car on the way home to avoid the dripping mess of wet dog fur. At home, the purpose of the dog bathrobe is to quickly dry the dog’s coat without the bathwater getting onto the walls and furnitures in a shake off right out of the bathroom. The Cloud7 dog bathrobe comes with a convenient dog towel in a set, made with high quality Terry cloth fabric from organic cotton combined with the tailored-like fit that covers the dog’s body from the neck to the tail, it’s a must have for dog bath days.

  • Soft Terry cloth from high quality organic cotton
  • As a set with fluffy dog towel
  • Dog bathrobe for large dogs and small dogs
  • Snap fasteners and effortless wear system

Dog bathrobe on hot days pro tips

As a method to cool dogs down on your next local heatwave and as an alternative to dog cooling mats, a dog bathrobe can be useful to have on particularly warm days. Simply run the bathrobe or dog towel under running water to wet thoroughly, it can help cool your dog in a similar manner of a cooling vest for those who do not have access to a gardenhose. Please remember to take off the dog bathrobe after the dog has properly cooled down to prevent a heatstroke under a warm bathrobe.

How to measure dogs for coats

With a large extensive range of dog coat sizes from small to large, it is not easy to know which size to choose for your dog. The best tip is to heavily rely on the weight of your dog before one considers the length of the dog coat, measured from the bottom of the neck to the beginning of the tail. Whereas although the chest area is an equally important guide to determine the overall size, the waistband allows you to easily fine-tune the fit with the help of the Velcro fasteners.

For a better demonstration, here is a video guide on how to measure your dog for a coat.