A well-groomed coat is a healthy coat.

Healthy, well groomed dogs can usually be recognized at first glance: The coat is shiny and dense, so you can't help but stroke it right away.

Regardless of the breed and condition of the coat, regular grooming contributes a great deal to the well-being and health of the dog. By combing and brushing, dirt, dead skin particles and hair are removed. The dog's skin can breathe and blood circulation is stimulated. Knots, felting and the resulting main problems are prevented. Also skin changes, injuries or parasite infestations are recognized early by regular fur care.

Cuddles with the dog brush.

Fur care plays an important role in the natural herd behavior and most animals enjoy a brush massage very much. For most dogs it is sufficient to comb or brush them once a week. However, the fur of some dogs needs to be thinned, trimmed or sheared regularly to make them feel comfortable. The visit in the dog salon belongs with these animals to the everyday life and should be trained therefore from small on.

For the coat care at home, there are suitable dog brushes and dog combs for every coat length, which not only defeltz the hair, but also remove dirt and loose hair. So the dog feels poodle-well in its fur.

A good cut for the dog.

Some dog breeds must be regularly to the dog hairdresser. Others renew their fur constantly, so that the hair length remains constant. However, from time to time it may be advisable to thin out or trim the coat with a pair of scissors. It is important to use scissors with a rounded tip in order to cut paws and facial hair optimally without risk of injury. With a little practice, grooming will be easy.

Good for coat and skin: shampoos for the dog.

A bath for the dog is recommended at regular intervals. Just during the fur change or in the pollen time a bath of the skin of the animal does good. Dirt particles are washed out; pollen and dust are removed and hair growth is promoted.

When bathing the dog it is important to use a particularly mild shampoo which corresponds to the special pH value of the dog (pH7-8). Synthetic fragrances, colours and preservatives have not been lost in dog shampoos. The absence of these substances guarantees very good tolerance and fur care without irritating the skin.

Cleanliness at the drop of a hat: with washing gloves.

It doesn't matter whether the dog has happily jumped into a puddle of dirt on the way to the office or is standing in front of the car dripping with dirt; sometimes it just has to be quick and uncomplicated. With moist disposable gloves for cleaning and care, the dog is clean again in no time - without water, soap and towels. Reclosable and hygienically packaged. With caring ingredients such as Aloe Vera, not only cleaning but also care is not neglected.

A cure for fur.

Not only the human skin reacts to climatic changes, but also the coat of our dogs is sensitive. If it is dry and dull, it can be intensively strengthened and cared for with a coat cure. A fur treatment with natural ingredients such as coconut oil, lavender or rose oil is particularly gentle. This supports and cares for the dog's coat and skin during regeneration. The coat quickly becomes shiny again and easy to comb. The dog feels well and the strokes are even more fun.