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Bags for owners

On the go in style: with the Cloud7 bags.

Dog owners are daily on the road with their four-legged friends. Whether early in the morning or on the last evening round in the dark. Summer or winter. In sunshine, drizzle or snow. On the small walk round in the nearby park, on the hiking trip on the weekend or on the long planned holidays.

When people are on tour together with their four-legged companions, they usually have many practical or necessary little things with them: collar or harness, leash, treats, dog excrement bags, toys, favourite ball, training dummy. And on longer trips you can also add a bowl, dog food, your favourite cuddly toy and a comfortable blanket.

For all this there are the beautiful Cloud7 bags. Thanks to its intelligent design, everything simply finds its place in it.

Just like Cloud7's dog equipment, the bags for dog owners also impress with their elegant beauty and sophisticated functionality. High-quality materials, best quality and sustainable production - this is how favourite pieces are created that enrich the everyday life of dog people and simply make life more beautiful and pleasant.

The Cloud7 Goodie-Bag: For everything you need on the walk.

The handy GOODIE-BAG from Cloud7 is the perfect companion for short walks. First things first: There is plenty of room for fine dog treats. And other small items, such as house or car keys, can also be safely stowed away thanks to the practical magnetic lock. And thanks to the integrated manure bag dispenser, you are guaranteed not to stand there with your bare hands when the worst comes to the worst. The practical bag made of waterproof canvas fabric can be easily attached with carabiners and Velcro and is therefore always ready to hand.

The Cloud7 Walking-Bag: The stylish shoulder bag for excursions with your dog.

For longer walks or excursions into the city there is the practical WALKING-BAG. The stylish shoulder bag with different compartments offers enough space for a lot of dog toys and all the important things that your master or mistress has with him. Made of robust, water-repellent fabric, the WALKING-BAG is easy to clean and therefore the perfect outdoor training bag. The bag's elegant design can also be seen on trips to the city - with or without dog escort.

The big All-in-Bag from Cloud7: The Weekender for dogs.

On longer trips, weekend trips or during holidays you can take a lot with you. In the Cloud7 ALL-IN-BAG all the important things like collar, harness, leash, treats, dog food, toys, cuddly toy, bowl and blanket have room. This chic travel bag is made of water-repellent fabric and has handles and details made of high-quality greased leather. So dog and man can cut a good figure everywhere, whether in nature or in a noble hotel - and all the things that the darling would not like to do without on the way are well packaged.

Casually packed: the backpack from Cloud7.

Who is on the way with the dog, has gladly both hands free; to play, cuddle or feed treats. The classic gym bag made of high-quality canvas fabric leaves a lot of freedom of movement and has plenty of room for toys, leash and everything else you need on a trip with your four-legged friend.

The Cloud7 Tote Bag: Always listen to your dog.

If the dog could read - and speak English - it would probably nod its head approvingly at the sight of the Cloud7 CANVAS SHOPPER. Because the inspiring dog statement not only speaks to dog lovers from the heart, but probably also to the four-legged friend. The chic Tote Bags are made of organic materials, refined by hand screen printing and available in 4 selected natural colours.

Have fun on the road: Cloud7 is always there.

No matter where the trip takes you, with the practical Cloud7 bags, dog owners always have everything they need with them. So there is always entertainment, treats and more. So the excursion is guaranteed to be an experience.