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Four & Sons: Perhaps the most unusual dog magazine in the world.

Some things are analog simply better than digital: To be nudged by a soft dog's nose, for example. Or to crawl this very special, extra soft spot behind the dog's ear. The quiet barking and wuffing when the dog is chasing squirrels in a dream. Or the unique familiar smell of sleeping paws.

Fortunately also the makers of an Australian dog blog have decided for the analogue. A small editorial team of dog-enthusiastic creative people had the ambition to develop the most beautiful and intelligent dog magazine in the world, true to the motto "Where the World of Dogs and Culture collides". This is how FOUR & SONS was born.

The English-language glossy magazine convinces all along the line: Well-researched articles. Unique stories. Exciting interviews. Breathtaking photography. Wonderful illustrations and artworks. Modern, stylish design. High quality print.

In collaboration with the best photographers and artists from all over the world, a collector's item is created with each issue, which makes the heart of every creative dog, culture and design lover beat faster.

Whoever sits comfortably on the sofa with an edition of Four & Sons in his hands - perhaps with his contented fur nose slumbering next to him - can fully enjoy the beautiful analogue life.

Four & Sons appears twice a year and Cloud7 is proud to offer the magazine exclusively.