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We save resources by using fast- growing materials such as seagrass, linen, cactus fibers, jute, and cotton. These handmade products are durable and sustainable.
Planten & Blomen
100% vegan
cactus leather
Dog Collar Blomen Nature
from €49.00
Dog Leash Blomen Nature
Dog Baskets
naturally-sourced materials
Dog Basket Lazy Linen Circles
from €69.30 €99.00
Dog Basket Lazy Canvas Olive
from €89.00
Dog Pillow Lazy Canvas Olive
from €42.00
Dog Basket Cuddly Plush Ecru
from €55.30 €79.00
Vegan dog toys
playtime galore with hemp
Dog Toy Coati Nuno
Dog Toy Rabbit Molly
Dog Toy Elephant Ellie
Storage Basket and Feeding mat
handcrafted and hand-dyed
Storage Basket Jute Natural/Cream
from €24.50 €35.00
Feeding Mat Jute Natural/Cream
from €20.00

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Sustainable dog products with the natural dog

How are Cloud7 dog accessories sustainable?

Sustainability is found throughout the development of all Cloud7 products, not only during the design process but through to production and marketing of the dog supplies. From using natural materials that are found in our eco system such as seagrass, linen, cactus fibres, jute and cotton to creating new materials from existing products such as recycled polyester from recycling used PET plastic. Despite the use of natural materials for its look, dog products should always be durable and long lasting to continue our core mission of creating high quality dog accessories which support sustainable consumption: buy less, choose well and make it last.

For instances where the dog products such as dog collar, dog leash, dog bed, dog toys & more are not made with naturally-sourced materials, Cloud7 opts for vegan textiles or recycled raw materials in order to give an old existing materials a new lifecycle. Our range of vegan dog products continues to grow as the lifestyle of dog owners and their taste also develop towards a more sustainable consumption.

Additionally, the timeless product designs and natural look with best quality materials are our number one priority in order to offer your thoughtful four-legged companion with the best dog products that are built to last a lifetime.

Vegan dog collars & dog leashes

Since a number of years now, the demand for rope dog collars and rope leashes continue to grow. However, most rope dog accessories utilizes leather for the detailing. With the first ever vegan collections Planten and Blomen, Cloud7 now offers completely vegan dog collar and leash sets combining linen or cotton and plant-derived fibres from cactus plant to create “leather”. These dog collections are free from animal-derived materials and by products and instead use an innovative combination of organic polyurethane and cactus fibres to create plant-based material to mimic leather.

  • vegan rope leash and collar for dogs
  • combined with soft cotton rope and real brass elements
  • washable set
  • vegan rope leash and collar for dogs
  • combined with braided linen rope and real brass elements
  • washable set

Smooth leather dog collar, dog harness and dog leash

Greased leather or more commonly known as smooth leather is a type of leather that has been coated with wax or oil to create a fatty layer. Having gone through the least amount of processing and without any unnecessary toxic chemicals, smooth leather comes chrome-free. Once the wax layer is finished, each color pigment is slowly massaged through the leather by hand to create individual colors. Smooth leather for dogs is particularly popular due to its characteristics of being more durable and moisture-resistant. With regular polishing, smooth leather can last a very long time and however still be as durable as when you first bought it. After a couple of use, the leather will turn buttery soft and will start to develop its own unique patina.

View our collection of naturally derived and naturally processed smooth leather dog collars, dog harnesses and dog leashes: Riverside Park, Riverlino and Central Park.

Eco-friendly dog beds

All of Cloud7 dog beds are made with organic cotton. In addition to this natural eco-friendly material are the mattresses of the dog beds designed with a quilted multi-chambered system to ensure that the dog bed does not sag even after years of use. This is what we mean that a Cloud7 dog bed is built to last a lifetime, that even after enduring endless cycles of the washing machine, the bed will go back to its original shape and look brand new. If you wish to change the look of the bed, discover our range of interchangeable bed covers here in timeless stylish designs.

  • title holder of Eco Excellence Award
  • long-lasting and won’t sag after years of use thanks to the quilted multi-chambered mattress system
  • Color options in Tweed Grey and Tweed Taupe from hemp cotton blend
  • handwoven dog basket from seagrass
  • washable pillows
  • natural bohemian look
  • handwoven dog basket from seagrass
  • minimalistic natural design
  • washable pillows

Sustainable dog toys

Chew toys, plush toys with squeaker or rope toys for a round of tug: our range of for toys are made with both sustainable and naturally-sourced materials. Cloud7 dog toys are vegan.

Dog accessories made with natural eco-friendly jute fibres

To compliment the natural dog toys and natural dog accessories, opt for our natural storage basket made with handwoven eco-friendly jute fibres as a stylish organizer that fits into your interior. The handcrafted baskets are individually dyed which makes them incredibly unique. Also great for magazines, blankets, plants and more.

Made with the exact eco-friendly jute fibres are the sustainable dog feeding mats to keep the water splashes and food droppings during mealtimes at bay. Compliment it with the high quality ceramic dog bowls or robust, dishwasher-safe enamel dog bowls for a sustainable yet stylish feast.