Being a dog in the big city comes with its disadvantages, above all no longer having an open field with endless green scenery to sniff on your doorstep. But this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any places around the city for your pup to have their sniff-ary intake. Enjoy the following blog entry about the best trails around the B-city that are both dog friendly and can easily be reached by public transport.



The infamous Grunewald Forest a.k.a the party hub for dogs. Complete with an endless amount of known and unknown paths, the Grunewald Forest is listed as one of the only off-leash dog runs in Berlin. With the freedom to follow the main trail around the lake (this is usually the busiest trail), where dogs are allowed to swim their hearts out and play with those who are willing or the less chaotic trails up and around the hills, your pup will sure have the time of their life.


Although it is an off-leash dog run, we recommend going to Grunewald only if you are at least 90% confident in your dog’s recall skills. As mentioned before, it is known to be the party hub for dogs which can only mean that it has the possibility of being a place with overload sniff-ary — with so many new triggers to all of their sensors, it may or may not happen that your dog may be a temporary selective hearer. Make sure to bring lots of treats!


Best times to go:


Weekdays all day before sunset
Weekends before 12 PM or after 2 PM


How to get there:


By car parking area off Clayallee (free parking) or off Hüttenweg (0,50€ per hour)
By bus entrance Chalet Suisse (115, X10, X83)





If you are seeking something more adventurous, head to the other side of the Grunewald Forest and you will find yourself in a secluded trail in the midst of green serenity. Follow the trail and you’ll just end up at the top of the Drachenberg and as you continue to follow the crowds, this trail ends at the peaceful Teufelssee.


Disclaimer: paths are neither professionally placed nor paved, therefore some terrains may be steep or even dangerous. Please proceed at your own risk.


How to get there:


By car parking area off Teufelsseechaussee (free parking).
By train S-Bahn Station Grunewald or S-Bahn Heerstraße (15 min walk from station)
By bus (186, 349, M19)




For those who have been to New York, Tiergarten is the Central Park of Berlin. Located in the middle of the metropolitan capital, the park is segregated into 6 sections, surrounded by the main highways of the city and the Victory Column (Siegessäule). Although it is not necessarily a dog park, its mixture of open fields, nature and rose gardens make it one of the best spots to spend your daily strolls. However, with mini botanical gardens and memorial statues found throughout the park mean that Tiergarten is strictly for on-leashed pups only and with the occasional ranger walking around, we recommend against letting your dog run freely in this park. A rule break can lead to a hefty fine up to 60€.


Best times to go:


Weekdays and weekends all day before sunset


How to get there:


By car parking area near Cafe am Neuen See and Motel One Tiergarten (paid parking)
By train S-Bahn Station Tiergarten
By bus (N26, 100, 200)





If you have been a long time Berliner, you might have already heard of the infamous abandoned old airport and its kilometers-long runway. The old runways with views beyond your peripherals are found in the middle of buzzing Neukölln. The Tempelhofer Feld is home to hundreds of grillers, skaters, cyclists and more in the warmer months, but it is also home to 3 gated dog runs in the city. Complete with amenities such as free dog poop bags and agility blocks to sharpen your dog’s skills, the dog parks are known for friendly pups from the local communities and the challenging yet intriguing agility blocks. Stimulate your dog both physically and mentally at one of the dog runs in Tempelhofer Feld and guarantee they will be pooped for the rest of the day.


Dogs must be leashed when not inside the dog-runs. This is both for their safety and the safety of others. Many skate or cycle at high speed on the runways and therefore the risk of potential accidents is high.


Best times to go:


Weekdays and weekends all day before sunset
Potentially busier during warmer days


How to get there:


By car parking areas near U-Bahn Platz der Luftbrücke and P+R Tempelhof (free and paid parking)
By train S+U Tempelhof, U-Bahn Platz der Luftbrücke, Hermannstraße, Boddinstraße




One of the insider secrets of Berlin is the Arkenberge/Blankenfelde dog-friendly trail. Secluded and consisting of very long trails, you will need at least 2 hours to walk around the scenic greenery. Surrounded by small hills and endless grass fields, inside the untouched forest your dog will have the time of his life on this endless sniff-ary. But don’t let the big fields fool you, there will be plenty of other walking around as this area is relatively popular amongst the Berliner dog-walkers and trainers, thus don’t forget to bring your long-lines and treats in case your pup decides to run off at the smell of others in the vicinity.


The small canal along the entrance is not for swimming and be sure to look ahead as the nature of the hills means that there could be some steeper grounds. The Arkenberge lake on the other side is an old abandoned dam, although many people (and their dogs) swim in the waters, it is not recommended due to the untested waters.


Best times to go:


Weekdays and weekends early mornings and late afternoons before sunset


How to get there:


By car parking area off Straße nach Arkenberge or Hauptstraße (free parking)
By bus 107




The Tiergarten of the east, particularly popular amongst all including non-dog owners and kids, the 88 hectares big Treptower Park and its neighboring Plänterwald are considered to be one of the nicer and more enjoyable parks to walk through with your pup. With the adjacent bridge connecting the rest of the park to a small island in the middle of the lake (Insel der Jugend), Treptower Park is recommended for those that need a quick break from the fast-paced city life. Although it has the perfect areas for dogs to rough play, its proximity to the main Berlin roads unfortunately makes it an on-leash only dog-friendly park – however there are plenty of people who seem to ignore the obvious signs, we highly recommend sticking to the rules.


Best times to go:


Weekdays and weekends post early risers i.e. between 9 AM - 4 PM Potentially busier during warmer days


How to get there:


By car designated parking area off Bulgarische Straße
By train S-Bahn Treptower Park (2 mins walk)
By bus (165, 166, 265, N65)


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