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Cloud7 products are timeless in design, but equally important is its ability to last a dog’s lifetime. In addition to the style defining looks, the dog accessories are extremely durable whilst fairly produced at production houses that we know like the back of our hand.

Every material, every zipper are individually sourced by our in-house design team in order to develop only the best functional products for dogs.

Each dog leash is crafted by hand and can take several hours.

Resilient and minimally processed leather for dog collars, harnesses and leashes.

The in-house design team sources every ribbon, every velcro and more. 

Our production partners are primarily family-owned and have been by our side for many years. All of our cherished partners share our values, our passion for dogs and a clear focus even on the smallest of details.

Bogdan with his son-in-law Mirek, Cloud7 founder Petra Jungebluth in the middle.

Every product embodies the finest handcraftsmanship.

Petra during her visit to the production house in Poland.