Animal welfare is a cause close to our hearts, the RESC7UE Collection was created to regularly support selected animal welfare organisations in their missions. Collaborating with worldwide renowned illustrators and artists, RESC7UE releases limited-edition capsules of dog and human accessories and apparel with a portion of the proceeds going directly to animal welfare organisations. This support covers expenses such as veterinary costs and promotes educational initiatives within communities.


Everydaystray is a non-profit animal welfare organisation dedicated to giving Bulgarian street dogs a second chance in life.

Cloud7 founder Petra with the four-legged shelter residents


"I feel indescribable respect for Clair and Neil’s work, tireless dedication and optimism. What they have already achieved with their actions and to hear their plans for the future makes me proud."

Petra with Clair and Neil, the two responsible operators of the Everydaystray shelter

The dogs in the shelter getting the love they deserve from Clair

Neil walking the dogs

Puppies cuddling at the Everydaystray shelter


The goal of our collection as well as our sub-initiative Together for RESC7UE is to generate greater awareness for animal welfare in all shapes and forms as well as organisations across continents. With each purchase, you are contributing to helping dogs (and other animals) in need. Through donations in winter 2022, we were able to help build and complete a quarantine station at the Bulgarian shelter Everydaystray.

RESC7UE T-Shirt „Heart“

RESC7UE T-Shirt „Love“

The photography book Everydaystray with breath-taking photos by Robert Altermoser

Behind the scenes, Cloud7 sponsors animal shelters locally as well as overseas. A few rescued four-legged family members have also made their way into the Cloud7 pack, including Otto Jungebluth, a mutt with fur white as snow who was lucky enough to be rescued by Onedogisnodog from Cyprus six years ago, now lives with Cloud7’s very own founder Petra Jungebluth.

Petra and Otto

Our RESC7UE Community: Alina and Ginger @gingipowers
Our RESC7UE Community: Bianca @worryaboutitlater



Read more about our commitment and contribution to animal welfare organisations in this magazine article.





If you would like to get involved, here is a selection of our trusted animal welfare organisations: