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Dog chews & dog snacks Natural Dog Treats

Meaty and vegetarian dog chews and treats made with natural ingredients only. Free from preservatives and additives.

Dog chews & dog snacks Natural Dog Treats

Meaty and vegetarian dog chews and treats made with natural ingredients only. Free from preservatives and additives.

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Dog Treats


From hand baked dog cookies, crunchy treat bites, dehydrated meaty sausages or chews that lasts for hours on end, there is a flavour for every dog.

All dogs are a sucker for delicious crunchy treat bites, whether as a reward for a successful recall, a goodie for the newly learned trick or as daily dental care.

The Cloud7 treat range is handmade together with local manufacturers only with natural ingredients which are free from artificial additives and have been successfully trialed and tested by the office dogs.


The easily digestible and minimally processed treats are cut into the perfect bite size for rewards during training sessions and more.

Made in a family-owned traditional Bavarian manufacture, the naturally nutritious ingredients such as horse, goat, deer, beef, poultry and more are of human-grade quality and are hand processed locally in Germany.

Looking for something a little bit more filling than mini treats for dogs? Discover a range of long lasting chew treats, chewy and delicious sausage bites as a supplementary meaty snack or high value rewards during training as well as baked dog biscuits packed with superfoods.


Dog training sessions call for a generous amount of treats to make it more enjoyable and gives the dog something to look forward to after each trick. However, in order to ensure a balanced diet for your dog, the training treats should be of a single protein as well as low in calories. The air-dried treats made from deer lung, beef lung, beef heart and other high quality meat are the perfect treats for dog training. Rich in nutrients, the dog treats are still low in calories and easily digestible thanks to the minimally processing.

Gun dog training or hunter training often times use prey dummies or replacement dummies for dogs during training. Not only for official training, treat dummy is also useful to teach your dog new skills such as fetching and seeking out scents. Simply fill it up with your dog’s favourite treats from the Cloud7 treat range and allow your dog to associate the treat dummy with a reward system. Also available as a set or treat dummy on its own here.

  • human grade ingredients
  • low calorie dog treats
  • natural dehydrated and easily digestible
  • great for dog training
  • combination of lamb lung, beef lung and beef heart
  • locally produced in Germany
  • made with high quality horse meat, blackcurrant, barley grass and sesame
  • free from artificial ingredients
  • air dried
  • venison and deer mix with superfoods mango, chia and ginger
  • locally sourced ingredients
  • minimal processing


Packed with highly nutritious ingredients such as tumeric, yogurt, peanut butter, high in antioxidants fruits such as cranberries, apples, blueberries and more, the vegetarian dog biscuits range is made with all natural human grade ingredients sourced locally in Germany.

Complemented with healthy buckwheat and wholemeal flour, the flavorful dog biscuits are easily digestible by dogs of all ages thanks to the finest ingredients free from artificial preservatives and additives.

The vegetarian dog treats from Cloud7:

  • Sesame — with yogurt, mint and sesame
  • Turmeric — with cranberry and curcuma
  • Blueberry — with amaranth, vanilla and blueberries
  • Peanut Butter — with original wholemeal flour and irresistible peanut butter


Mid afternoon snacks or as metal and physical stimulation as well as a source of hours-long entertainment. All natural chew stick from Himalayan yak milk in combination with lime and salt, deer antlers rich in calcium, magnesium and iron or dehydrated bone marrow with irresistible protein, the extra hard and long-lasting chews are suitable even for aggressive chewers and will keep them occupied for hours. Dog chews also help in maintaining a healthy dental hygiene by breaking down any built up plaque and tartar whilst strengthening the jaw muscles.

Keeping it simple? Opt for the classic dog chews such as lamb ears, beef scalp and chicken necks for the same amount long lasting fun.

  • soft yet long lasting
  • great for small dogs
  • locally produced in Germany
  • long lasting dog chew treat
  • all natural ingredients
  • free from artificial colors, flavors and preservatives
  • air dried and crunchy
  • easily digested
  • also for puppies