1. Dog Food My Organic Duck Pumpkin

    Dog Food My Organic Duck Pumpkin

  2. Dog Food Venison with Parsnip

    Dog Food Venison with Parsnip

  3. Müsli als Hundefutter mit Wildfleisch

    Dog Muesli Venison

  4. Hundemüsli mit Pferdefleisch als Trockenfutter

    Dog Muesli Horse

  5. Cannelloni  (3 Pcs.)

    Cannelloni (3 Pcs.)

  6. Bag of Goat Trachea for dogs

    Goat Trachea 250 g

    €2.38 / 100 g
  7. Chicken Stomachs packaging

    Chicken Stomachs 200g

    €2.98 / 100 g
  8. packaging dog snacks sausages berries

    Wild Berry Sausages 200g

    €2.98 / 100 g
  9. dog snacks wellness sausages packaging

    Wellness Sausages 200g

    €2.98 / 100 g
  10. Hundekeks Box Honig - Vanille

    Dog Cookies Deer

    €1.43 / 100 g
  11. Hundekeks Box Honig - Vanille

    Dog Cookies Duck

    €1.43 / 100 g
  12. Dog Snacks Lütt - Dry Meat Turkey

    Dog Snacks Lütt - Dry Meat Turkey

  13. Dog Snacks Lütt - Dry Meat Lamb

    Dog Snacks Lütt - Dry Meat Lamb

  14. Dog Snacks Lütt - Dry Meat Beef

    Dog Snacks Lütt - Dry Meat Beef

  15. Hundesnack Lütt Trockenfleisch

    Dog Snacks Lütt - Dry Meat Deer

  16. Hundesnack Klütn Trockenfleisch

    Dog Treat Klüt'n - Dry Meat Made of Deer

  17. Hunde Trainings Set Heather Grey

    Dog Training Set Heather Grey

  18. Hunde Trainings Set Heather Brown

    Dog Training Set Heather Brown

  19. Dog Snack Set Slate

    Dog Snack Set Slate

  20. Dog Snack Set Pebble

    Dog Snack Set Pebble


Dog Treats

Simply treats: The small rewards in between.

Whether dog biscuits, air-dried pieces of meat or chewing sticks - love goes through the stomach. This wisdom is guaranteed to be confirmed by every dog.

As a reward for a recall, as a goodie for a well mastered trick or for daily dental care - dogs love treats. And dog owners, of course. That's why dog snacks are a must in the Cloud7 range.

All offered treats come from selected small manufactories and have been thoroughly tested by the Cloud7 office dogs and found to be really good.

Grain-free dog biscuits with lots of flavour.

Of course, no dog would ever admit it, but some fur snouts simply don't tolerate grain - not even in their beloved treats. Fortunately, there are delicious dog biscuits even without grain. Thanks to numerous fine flavours there is something for every demanding dog palate.

Aston Cookies's: Snacking like a dog in France.

The tasty dog biscuits from Aston's Cookies are handmade and made with love in a small French factory. The Cloud7 dogs already have water in their mouths when they hear varieties such as apple-cinnamon, honey-vanilla or carrot-coriander.

Bubeck: No grain, lots of taste.

For the tasty dog biscuits of the family business Bubeck exclusively high-quality and natural ingredients are used. They are without grain and are gently baked in the traditional way in a stone oven. Perfect for training or as a snack

Wildhüters: naturally good.

The natural dog snacks from Wildhüters are 100% wild game. Completely without additives and exclusively air-dried. Healthy and tasty.

The Treat Dummy Set: it makes training fun.

With a food dummy the dog can easily be inspired for the retrieving training. Because in the dummy bag, the reward is right in it. Cloud7 offers the Treat Dummy Set, with the popular Cloud7 Food Dummy and a pack of dog snacks that are perfect for use in the dummy, so that training can start immediately.

Natural chewing bars: the healthy chewing pass.

Dogs love dental care - with natural chewing sticks made of deer antlers. The horn is odorless and healthy with calcium, magnesium and iron. By gnawing, the teeth of the dog are intensively cleaned at the same time.