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Winter Coats for Sighthounds
Fleece-lined or sustainable Eco Puffer

  1. Windhundmantel Dunkelgrau mit Fleece Kragen

    Dog Coat Brooklyn SIGHTHOUND Flannel Anthra

Sighthound Coat

Windsnippy dog coats for all sighthound breeds.

Sighthounds are special. Her beautiful, elegant appearance, loving character and graceful charm are hard to resist. They are real sports aces, love to move and let off steam. Their slender, muscular bodies are made for racing. They are among the fastest land animals on earth.

But sighthounds are also sensitive. Anyway, when it comes to the weather. Most sighthound breeds often have little or no subcutaneous fatty tissue. Many lack a warming fur with dense undercoat - this means they cool down much faster and freeze faster than other dogs. They are also sensitive to rain, moisture and humidity.

Without the right protection, the four-legged friends quickly feel unwell and become susceptible to diseases. That is why Cloud7 has developed a dog coat especially for the needs of greyhound breeds.

Designed for sighthounds and any weather.

The elegant coat "CAMBRIDGE" is adapted to the special, particularly slim and long physique of the sighthounds. The Cloud7 sighthound coat is tailored to the needs of fast sprinters with an extended back and a particularly light weight. It allows the dog sufficient freedom of movement and at the same time protects against wind and weather.

The waterproof outer fabric reliably keeps out moisture and cold. Soft inner lining made of cuddly fleece fabric warms inside. The neck is also beautifully protected thanks to the elegant collar made of soft fleece.

The coat is comfortably slipped over the head and fastened with a belly flap and Velcro fastener - completely without annoying, for the animal often unpleasant little paw through openings.

The end of the jacket is additionally fixed with an elastic band to ensure that nothing slips or flaps. Through a small opening with zipper the leash can easily be attached to a collar or harness.

Cloud7 has invested more than 2 years of development work in the perfection of functional clothing for greyhounds. The combination of elegant, minimalist design and uncompromising functionality has created a popular classic that will serve your faithful companion for many years to come.

The right size for every size.

Sighthound, Barsoi, Galgo, Podenco, Saluki, Whippet, Silken Windsprite or Italian Windspiel - no sighthound is like the other. Cloud7 offers 8 different sizes to choose from, so that everyone can find the perfect fitting coat.

Best quality, of course.

For the jackets for greyhounds, as with all Cloud7 products, only high-quality outdoor fabrics are used, which are guaranteed free of chemicals. Cloud7 attaches great importance to quality, longevity and sustainability, so that not only the four-legged friend, but also humans and nature can enjoy it for a long time.

For the extra warmth, protection and cleanliness.

When it is cold and wet outside, not only the four-legged friend is happy about a Cloud7 dog coat. The functional clothing keeps moisture and dirt away from the dog's coat. This shortens the drying time and keeps the car and apartment clean. Of course, masters and mistresses are happy about that. Of course, the jacket is machine washable and retains its shape even after many washes thanks to the proven Cloud7 quality.

Even if sighthounds don't like it cold and rainy, with the Cloud7 sighthound coat they are optimally protected and can also run to top form in the cold season.