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Eco-friendly accessories made with recycled post-consumer PET plastic.
Dog Coat Alaska

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Made from 100% recycled materials, the Eco Puffer collection is sustainable and innovative through the use of recycled post-consumer PET plastic which has the characteristics that mimic down feathers with its water resistant surface and warming abilities.

The Cloud7 Eco Puffer collection offers dogs a stylish yet extremely functional solution especially during harsh winters. Made from sustainable recycled materials, the Eco Puffer is also 100% vegan. The Eco Puffer Dog Coat Alaska is a warm winter coat for dogs whilst the Eco Puffer Dog Carrier Montreal, Eco Puffer Travel Bed Denver, Eco Puffer Sleeping Bag Vancouver and Eco Puffer Travel Mat Aspen a comfortable yet easily transportable bed for dogs of all sizes, especially for on the go, travelling on train rides and car rides or at hotels. Additionally, the Calgary serve dog owners with a convenient treat bag or treat holder as well as dog poop bag dispenser for walks and training sessions in stylish colors.

The Eco Puffer collection is coated with an extra layer of waterproofing agent to ensure that no moisture that comes in contact with the Eco Puffer gets absorbed easily which may result in your dog getting drenched. In the rare cases that your Eco Puffer has lost its water resistance, we recommend renewing the layer of protection with a waterproofing agent of your choice. This can be easily found in your nearest outdoor gear and equipment store.


Dogs, in particular senior dogs, dogs with joint pain or joint stiffness such as arthritis or dogs with limited mobility are strongly recommended to wear a dog coat in winter in order to protect the body and prevent colds. This also applies to dogs who have little to none undercoat such as pugs, dachshunds, chihuahua or dogs with warm climate origins. Although, even healthy dogs could profit from wearing a dog jacket in winter, especially in the cases of city dogs who have limited ability to run freely to generate warmth.

Just like any other Cloud7 dog coats, the dog coat for winter Alaska is elegant in design with an optimized fit. The world’s first 100% vegan dog winter coat, the Alaska dog winter jacket is available in 12 sizes and various stylish colors to offer every dog their perfect winter coat. The extensive size range allows various dog breeds from Chihuahuas, to mid-sized Cocker Spaniels, Pugs and Beagles up to Weimaraners, Golden and Labrador Retrievers, Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Great Danes to find the perfect warm coat in their size.

  • Sustainable dog coat made with Eco Puffer (recycled PET plastic)
  • Warmest dog coat from Cloud7 with extremely breathable materials
  • Also in tailor-fit cuts for Dachshund, Frenchie, Greyhound and Whippet


Small dogs, puppies, older dogs, Chihuahuas, Dachshunds or Shih Tzus and all dogs up to 10 kg tend to sometime feel uncomfortable to sit or lie down on a naked ground at restaurants, hotels or cafes. The Cloud7 dog bags & dog carriers are the perfect solution for when small dogs get tired on the go, as a dog purse has the ability to offer little dogs relaxation within their own comfort zone, to doze the excitement away.

The dog carrier Montreal are available in two spacious yet easily transportable sizes for small dogs up to 9 kg ranging from Chihuahuas, miniature Dachshunds to Jack Russel Terriers. Similarly to the dog coat Alaska, the recycled polyester which derives from post-consumer PET plastic is water resistant and the lightly padded quilting mimics down feathers which therefore protects the dog from harsh wind and cold in winter. Whereas the wool blend inner lining creates a cozy environment for the dog to help them relax even whilst travelling in trains, cars, or simply just accompanying the dog owners on a day in town. The high quality YKK zipper closure traps warmth quickly whilst the one side opening allows curious dogs to still have a peak into the excitement outside.

  • Sustainable dog carrier made with Eco Puffer (recycled PET plastic)
  • Warm dog bag with extremely breathable materials
  • Available in two sizes for dogs up to 9 kg
  • Great for travelling


Medium sized dogs to large dogs unfortunately do not have the ability to fit into a puppy bag like many small dogs. Cloud7 came up with the solution of dog travel beds for dogs larger than 9kg to have a comfortable place to rest and sleep whilst on the go. The high quality travel beds are equipped with sturdy handles for easy transportation as well as convenient snap buttons and Velcro fasteners to easily fold it into a carriable size. Perfect for café & restaurant visits, train or car rides as well as in hotels and in the office.

In addition to the durable 100% recycled Eco Puffer outer shell, the portable and foldable dog travel bed Denver has an extremely soft and fluffy wool blend inner lining as well as the light padded chambers to ensure that your dog is protected from the cold ground. The 2 step folding process with the convenient snap fasteners helps you get ready to go out the door within seconds.

  • Sustainable dog travel bed made with Eco Puffer (recycled PET plastic)
  • Lightly padded travel bed with extremely breathable materials
  • Great for restaurant visits, travelling or in hotels and office


For dogs that like to sleep tucked away from the daily commotion, burrowed under blankets or preferably in corners of the room. Cloud7 sleeping bags for dogs provide dogs with a sense of safety whilst keeping them extra warm and toasty, especially in cool temperatures such as autumn mornings or throughout winter. The sleeping bag also works well as a transportable safe zone that you can easily bring on travels, train journey, or simply to restaurants, cafés and even hotels.

The multifunctional Vancouver can be used as a simple sleeping bag for dogs with a tendency to burrow under the covers such as Dachshunds, hunting hounds, Beagles, Terriers and even Italian Greyhounds as well as a familiar place to lie down and rest at home or on the go. Equipped with all round zipper opening and snap fasteners, the Vancouver can be opened up to double its size, especially great for warmer days, whereas the snap fasteners help create an opening so your dog can easily step inside the dog sleeping bag when it gets cooler. The Eco Puffer dog sleeping bag can be easily rolled up and packed into the matching carry bag for light transportation.

  • Sustainable dog sleeping bag made with Eco Puffer (recycled PET plastic)
  • Lightly padded with extremely breathable materials
  • Also great as transportable bed


Looking for something smaller and easily packable instead of our reliable dog bed for travelling Denver? The rollable dog mat Aspen is the perfect alternative. Easily rolled up and packable into its light and small matching carry bag, the Aspen is a great bed for when you need to travel light. The Aspen also functions well as a couch protector or car seat protector to keep those dog hairs away.

  • Sustainable dog travel mat made with Eco Puffer (recycled PET plastic)
  • Lightly padded dog mat with extremely breathable materials
  • Great for restaurant visits, travelling, car seat or couch protectors


Especially for when the dog is preoccupied with the exciting smells on the walk, the dog treat bag Calgary is particularly convenient to redirect their attention with easily reachable treats. The magnet closure ensure that the treats stay where they should, whereas the carabiner allows the treat dispenser to effortlessly hang off your leash or belt loop for easy access. Not to forget the little pocket for dog poop bag dispenser, so you can enjoy the walks with your hands free. Also made with 100% recycled materials.