Dog blankets

It couldn't be more cuddly: the cosy fleece blankets

Is there anything better than cuddling up on the couch with your dog after a long walk in the woods at the weekend?

Studies have proven: the body contact with dogs is balm for body and soul. The petting and crawling of the dog triggers feelings of happiness, the "cuddly hormone" oxytocin is released. The pulse calms down, the breath becomes calmer, stress disappears. The bond between dog and person is also strengthened, trust and affection are built up.

These coating units are also extremely important for the animal. Dogs are pack animals. Already as small puppies they look for the proximity to their brothers and sisters. They lie close together, enjoy the warmth and the contact. This warmth and proximity they look for naturally also with their human herd. They always want to be close to their humans.

Warm and comfortable, it sleeps the best.

To make these cuddly units especially cuddly, there are the wonderfully soft Cloud7 fleece blankets. The super soft blankets with beautiful edge embroidery are perfect as a comfortable underlay for sofas, armchairs or the dog bed. Dog hair and dirt are kept away from the furniture, the dog knows where its place is and can stretch out comfortably on the soft material or snuggle up or cover up in it on colder days.

As dog blankets they provide additional comfort on the way: to make the boot with dog blanket in the car a little more homely, or as a berth during visits.

Dog Blankets
Dog Blanket Car

For dogs and dog lovers.

To prevent people from becoming envious, the "Fleece Dog Blanket" is also available in XL size. Perfect for cosy hours on the couch - with or without dog. And don't tell anyone, but you've already seen cats cuddling up in the dog blanket.

The ceilings are offered in several elegant colours, which are perfect for any interior. And with four different sizes, everyone will find their favourite.

The fleece dog blankets are machine-washable and will remain beautiful even after many washes thanks to exclusive materials and best quality.