The Dog House: Blayse Blayse


Friends & families of Cloud7 opened up their homes, creative spaces, offices and cafés in this portrait series where we visit and photograph them in their elements whilst answering a series of short questions about their loyal four-legged companion, who are lucky enough to trot along in their daily lives. Enjoy a snippet of our visit to Keramikstudio Blayse

Tucked away in the quieter streets of Berlin Weissensee is where you will find Riccardo and Boris spending most of their day. Found either in ceramic workshops, turning the pottery wheel or watching the new ceramics being fired in the kiln, the pair is inseparable with Boris always being one step behind Riccardo. The energetic Jack Russell Terrier greeted us at the dog with his wagging tail as we stepped into the neutral toned studio with a variety of ceramics in colorful accents on shelves along the walls.

Born in Italy but a chosen Berliner, Riccardo and his partner decided to bring a dog into his life after years of wanting one.

“I’ve always wanted a dog and I often go for runs in the park, so I thought adding a dog to my life would be perfect”.

As the owner of Studio Blayse, Riccardo also allows fellow ceramic artists to use and display their works in the space. But this also means that team members are often nowhere to be seen.

“Most of the times I’m in the studio by myself, it’s definitely great to have company like Boris – it makes the place more homey”.

We also asked Riccardo about which qualities a dog product should have.

“For us, a great fitting and comfortable collar and harness are necessary since it is definitely difficult to find one. But since we use it daily, it really has to be comfortable. The Cloud7 beds and blankets however get bonus points since it’s cozy yet classic and nice to look at.”

Boris’ picks:

For more of Riccardo and Boris from @blayse_ceramic ceramic in action, head over to @cloud7berlin on Instagram.

Stay tuned for more of The Dog House: a portrait series.