From the very beginning, Cloud7 has held fast to environmentally friendly principles in pursuit of high-quality, fair-trade design and production. We champion a thoughful approach that benefits not just our products, but the entire planet.

At Cloud7, sustainability is nonnegotiable. Every material, design and final product is tested for durability and longevity to minimise unnecessary consumption. Production runs are planned to save resources and shipping is mindfully scheduled to reduce our CO2 footprint.


At least since the creation of world’s first dog coat made with 100% recycled materials (Alaska dog coat), Cloud7 has been long considered as the pioneer or sustainable dog products. But this alone was not enough for us. As we strive for the better, Cloud7 now offers entire collections made from post-consumer PET plastic which are reprocessed through resource-conserving processes to mimic the warmth from down feathers. Additionally, plush toys made from recycled wool, product components sporting recycled leather, recycled polyester and more habe since been developed.

The fabric used for all of our dog mattresses derives from organic cotton, which stems from several kilometres of grown organic cotton per year instead of conventional and environmentally harmful materials.

Preferably, we still choose pure natural materials amongst all. Hence, the cover of our best-selling Sleepy Deluxe dog bed is made from a blend of hemp and cotton, the storage baskets, the feeding mats as well as the dog baskets Hideaway, Lazy and Cuddly are completely made with natural jute or untreated seagrass.

Leather too is a natural material, especially when they are as minimally processed as the Cloud7 smooth leather collections Riverside Park, Central Park, Regent Park and Riverlino. These velvety leathers used throughout our dog collars, harnesses as well as leases are a byproduct of the European food industry. The raw materials are processed as gently as possible and are free from harmful Chrome VI.

A large part of Cloud7 dog beds, dog bowls and dog coats are in fact vegan. In the future, it is our mission to continue our research and development on more collars and leashes made from innovative materials such as imitation leather made with cactus fibres and other plant-derived materials.

Whenever a specific function needs to be fulfilled, polyester is almost indispensable. Dog coats should always be lightweight yet waterproof, a dog bed should not discolor even in a sunny spot next to the window, it should be effortlessly washable and above all withstand the wild scratching from sharp claws. After all, they are still dogs and they are allowed to stay that way.

The addition of polyester to a fabric allows it to be significantly more functional, robust and hard-wearing, which is why outdoor products in particular benefit greatly from it. If a product can be washed better and is tear-resistant, this results in enormous longevity and a purposeful, reduction in consumption behavior.

Without a doubt, Cloud7 always opts for recycled polyester whenever possible.

It is not always easy to find recycled hardware such as zippers, rivets, velcro, clasps and buckles. Nevertheless, we strive to continue the search and until then only work with plastic-free materials such as stainless steel and genuine brass that are known for their durability.


There’s rarely a sale at Cloud7? And we’re not sorry about it. Because we always try our best to produce only as much stock as we can sell. By doing this, it doesn’t only save us some storage space, but above all, valuable resources such as materials that we would hate to go see go to waste.

Please do not be disappointed if your desired size is sold out or when a product takes too long to come back in stock. At the beginning of every season, the numbers are recalculated in order to be able to fulfil the increasing demand and those that were over-calculated are adjusted accordingly — when this happens, you will find these in the sale.

Another approach to sustainable dog products is timeless design. For us, it is a priority to create products that you can't get enough of. Cloud7 focuses on minimalism and clean lines, not to be part of a short-term trend, but to find its way into your life and that of your four-legged friends over a very long period of time; so changing your personal taste doesn't have to be a reason to reuse valuable resources that are needed elsewhere.

A real-life example that we are particularly proud of, is the transport distance to our bed production partner, who is located a mere 300 km away from our warehouse just outside of Berlin. The close proximity allows us to be in constant close contact and to be able to visit the workshop several times a year to ensure first-class quality throughout as well as to personally thank our loyal partners.

Alongside our polish production facilities, are our close partnerships with trusted manufacturers in Spain and Italy, which results in the transport distance of less than 1500 km. In these cases, we opt for parcel shipment services.

When it comes to freight from overseas, Cloud7 purposely refrains from air freight services unless in the greatest of emergencies; even if this means longer a much longer waiting period. As an alternative, goods are transported by sea to Königs Wusterhausen just outside of Berlin or now increasingly, by rail.

Everything that leaves our warehouse is ultimately shipped top our customers via DHL GOGREEN, which offsets all of our CO2 emissions through verified climate protection projects.

It doesn’t stop in the distribution centre and office either: for us waste sorting is the standard, as is the reuse of foils, cardboard boxes and envelopes whenever possible. For the protection of our products as they make their way to you, we strictly use recycled plastic.

Our bestselling dog coat Alaska
from 100% recycled materials.

The minimal processing of our leather without
the harmful chrome VI chemicals.

All mattress fabrics on our beds
are made from organic cotton.

We believe that timeless design — relevant regardless of current trends— prevents over-consumption. It’s not for nothing that a few of our classics have been around since the beginning.

We use renewable, vegan raw materials such as seagrass, linen, cactus fibers, jute or cotton, and we turn recycled PET plastic into the warmest of coats.

Our bestselling dog bed Sleepy Deluxe with bed cover from hemp and cotton blend.

The dog bed Sleepy Deluxe with genuine lamb wool.

We work with as little plastic as possible and instead rely on durable, sturdy metal hardware from stainless steel or genuine brass.

Extremely tear-resistant materials for extended life cycle.

Baskets made from natural seagrass.