Dog Bed Cover Sleepy Deluxe Stripes Blue-Red

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Replacement dog bed cover for the Cloud7 Sleepy Dog Bed in scratch resistant and soft blue red stripes. Machine washable.

  • Double sided pillow case with stripes or red hue
  • Replacement dog bedding
  • Dog bed and cushion cover
  • For Sleepy handcrafted luxury dog bed range
  • Handcrafted dog bed cover
  • Machine washable
  • Interchangeable dog bed covers in multiple colors and designs

Replacement dog bed covers for the luxury dog bed Sleepy: long lasting materials and extremely robust to withstand dog nails and dog teeth and therefore prevent wear and tears even after years of use. This soft and cozy interchangeable dog bed covers for Sleepy dog bed is particularly water resistant and durable despite its high wool content. After a refreshing change of look? Explore our range of dog bed covers available in various colors and materials.

Materials and care instructions
Bed cover: 40% polyester, 20% cotton, 16% polyacrylic, 12% wool, 12% alpaca
Bed cover plain: 100% polyester
Loop with logo: PU leather
Cover: 30 degrees gentle wash, close velcros before washing
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