Cloud7 Hundemantel Guide

Cloud7 coat finder — which coat does my dog need?

Not all dogs are equipped for the harsh cold winter only with their own skin and fur. Especially rescued dogs who are native to warmer climates, young puppies, senior dogs and dogs who are generally more prone to shiver as soon as the temperatures drop below 20 degrees Celsius.

With all the available options for dogs of every shape, it can be very overwhelming to choose which dog coat your dog will need for what weather.
Here’s our quick guide on which coat is best for your dog:

For dogs who has undercoat or can tolerate cold weather well (Border Collies, Australian Shepherd, Huskies, etc.)

We recommend opting for thinner materials that will still protect them from gushes of wind and unexpected rain.

  • Hamburg: made from high content of recycled materials in various stylish colors
  • Dublin: dynamic design with extended zipped for a sportier look
  • Berlin: highly reflective material for extra safety in low light
  • Our range of sweaters for longer walks
Cloud7 Dog Raincoat Dublin Slate Cloud7 Dog Raincoat Dublin Slate

For dogs who needs a little protection from the cold (Terriers, Beagles, Maltese, longhaired Whippets, Doodles, etc.)

These double coated dogs can still tolerate the cold weather. However not for long periods of times and especially when they don’t have the opportunity to run and warm themselves up such as whilst commuting to the office or on leashed walks. We recommend our range of transitional weather dog coats:

  • Glasgow: polyurethane coated wool blend that is protective yet not an overly warm layer
  • Oxford: inspired by the trenchcoat for humans, with a soft Fleece inner lining
  • Brooklyn Flannel: our no.1 bestselling coat for its versatility in transitional and cold weather
Cloud7 Dog Trenchcoat Oxford Ivory Cloud7 Dog Trenchcoat Oxford Ivory

For dogs who has little undercoat or are single coated (Magyar Vizslas, Dalmatians, Weimaraners, German Pointers, Dachshunds, Pinchers and Poodles)

  • Brooklyn Graphite: Thanks to its particularly durable outer fabric, this version is even more water-repellent than the flannel Brooklyn coats
  • Yukon: made with materials from the workwear industry. Very durable and great for adventurous walks throughout the woods
  • Alaska: made from 100% vegan recycled PET plastic to mimic the warmth of down feathers. Great for less adventurous walks throughout the city

Should you need help with picking the right size for your dog, please visit our video guide or get in touch with our team at [email protected].