New Year's Eve Tips and Tricks

New Year's Eve Tips and Tricks

The holiday season is just around the corner, and that means the end of the year is nearing. Dog owners around the world look forward to the turn of the year, which for some dogs can be the noisiest day of the year.

The celebration night of another year comes with its challenges. Whilst the town is buzzing with excitement, some dogs are not the biggest fans of the commotion. The loud bangs of the fireworks as well as the large crowds can make even the bravest of dogs, shy away or even become anxious and uneasy. Here are some tips and tricks from the Cloud7 family on how to deal with the last day of the year festivities.

Early physical exercise

Our four-legged team members recommend a more strenuous exercise rather than the regular walk early in the day to help keep them more relaxed and calm during the New Year’s Eve fireworks. Additionally, our natural Lavender Linen Spray on their blankets or bedding can help stimulate the relaxation state faster.

Dog Walk with two dogs in Cloud7 Dog Raincoat Dublin Orange Dog Raincoat Dublin Orange

Safe space

Just like how a foreign hotel bed feels to us humans, a freshly washed or even a simple new bedding for your dog’s comfort zone will feel exactly like that. We recommend to postpone laundry day until after the big day to ensure that your dog’s safe space is intact.

If your dog is one to hide underneath the couch or in the bathroom during loud noises, we recommend placing their beds in a spot farthest from the window.

For dogs who like to burrow or hide under piles of blankets, we recommend our Sleeping Bag or to cover them with Blankets which can act as a safe bubble.

Mental stimulation

Another alternative to help distract the pups during the fireworks hour is mental stimulation through games or even chew toys. Our snacks such as our deer antlers are delicious treats that will keep your dogs occupied for longer period of times. On the other hand, hide and seek games around the house with our Treat Dummy are a great way to activate their nose work talent.

Should the games get too easy at some point, add minimal challenges to their activity by playing firework sounds in the background through videos. Start with the volume at low and gradually increase once they gain their confidence — your dog might even get desensitized to the real fireworks!

A trip to the country side

In order to really minimize the loud noises, some of us like to take a road trip to the country side away from the commotion where the dogs will have the abilities to sink completely into relaxation. For short road trips to a bed and breakfast or a small town lodge, we recommend bringing along our Granny which are lightweight and easily packable, Travel Bed as well as their favorite toy to create a homey feeling. Don’t forget to always accustom them to their travel essentials first so they are 100% comfortable during your trips.

As for the last walk of the day, we recommend going at an earlier time to prevent any surprises as well as to keep your pups safe. For safety reasons, we recommend going out with our Dog Raincoat Berlin , Brooklyn Reflective or the Yukon Neon Orange in combination with the Orbiloc® safety lights to ensure that should your dog run off leash, other passerby could spot them from afar.

Yukon Neon Orange Safety Products

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