Organic cotton Organic cotton works without toxic pesticides.

Our Dog Products - What Sustainability Means at Cloud7

In addition to enormously high design and quality standards, Cloud7 places great value on honest production for every dog product - fair for humans, animals and the environment. No matter whether leather collar, dog leash, dog bed or dog coat: We clearly focus on natural materials with no or as little chemistry as possible. In our opinion, however, sustainability means much more. Find out below what Cloud7 contributes to environmentally friendly dog products and why sustainable thinking is so important to us. Enjoy reading.

Sustainability through durable materials

A Cloud7 dog bed is designed to last at least a dog's lifetime. So while inferior dog pillows have to be bought again and again, Cloud7's baskets are an investment at the outset, which thanks to its robust features and vertically quilted chambers in the mattress, cannot lie through or wear out, even with intensive use. Each mattress is surrounded by a cover made of organic cotton, as organically grown cotton grows without the use of toxic pesticides that destroy the soil. Because of environmentally friendly fabrics, especially those of the Sleepy Deluxe Dog Bed, Cloud7 was already awarded the Eco Excellence Award in 2013. The cover of the Dog Bed Dream is also made of a natural hemp-cotton mix – perhaps one of several reasons why we were also awarded the German Brand Award for sustainability in 2020.

In addition to the dog beds, we also attach great importance to high-quality and, above all, durable materials for our other products: For our leashes and collars we e.g. use vegetable tanned leather without added chrome in combination with hard-wearing canvas applications. The leather is characterized by its natural patina and durability. Thus we can assure a sustainable use of one of the oldest and most natural materials of mankind. In order to guarantee the functionality of high durability and resistance even to high traction of our Riverside Park and Central Park collections, we use one of the most robust leathers, which looks back on a long historical development. The greased leather is characterized by its supple feel, even in high humidity.

While traditional dog coats are often made from inferior materials and therefore have to be replaced with a new one every year, Cloud7 Dog Coats are manufactured in such a way that neither frequent washing nor regular wear will detract from their quality. Thanks to our sustainable concept with durable, extra robust materials like tear-proof outdoor fabrics, the first signs of wear and tear will not appear for a couple of years, from our experience and received feedback.

Durable materials mean that fewer products are needed overall. At the same time, fewer products mean less consumption of valuable resources and a positive impact on the environment. This principle feels good - not only for the conscience of the dog owner, but also for the dog and our environment.

Dog bed with a high-quality handmade mattress Every mattress for Cloud7 dog beds is filled by hand.

Exchangeable covers for each dog mattress

For the same reasons we would like to distance ourselves clearly from a throwaway society. If your taste should change or the outer material of the dog bed should show signs of fatigue despite its extraordinary durability, there is a suitable replacement cover for each of the mattresses – which are by the way sown with highly robust yarn. This means that your four-legged friend can continue to use the lying surface and thanks to an alternative replacement cover, its new shine will be added.

If polyester, then preferably recycled

All of the fabrics used at Cloud7 have sustainability certificates: Ökotex is the absolute minimum. Kba-certified fabrics or GOTS-certified materials are just a few examples, to name some certificates. Nevertheless, there are products in the range that are made from fabrics with a polyester percentage. The main reason for this is that the colours of natural materials can fade more easily and are less scratch-resistant than fabrics containing polyester. Polyester can also extend the life of a product by making it more durable, softer and easier to care for. The plastic ensures that the material dries faster after washing and is ready for use again soon. Since synthetic fibres such as polyester are usually not made of renewable resources, we have decided to use recycled polyester wherever possible. For this purpose, cleaned and subsequently melted plastic bottles are spun into yarn or are processed as a kind of padding into so-called Eco Down for our Alaska Dog Coats. This material is durable, very easy-care and saves a lot of energy through already existing resources, which are given new life through this sustainable process.

Pile of hundreds of plastic bottles Through recycled plastic bottles, existing materials receive a new life span.

Timeless design

Another approach to sustainable dog products is timeless design. For us, it is a priority to create products that you can't get enough of. Cloud7 focuses on minimalism and clean lines, not to be part of a short trend, but to find its way into your life and that of your four-legged friends over a very long period of time; so changing your personal taste doesn't have to be a reason to reuse valuable resources that are needed elsewhere.

Short transport distances due to local production

While the dog beds and coats come from Poland, all collars and leads are handmade in Italy and Poland, too. The porcelain bowls come from Portugal, a large part of the fabrics are from Italy. The production chain is always kept as short as possible and 90% of the production is within Europe to avoid any unnecessary emissions. If, for example, fabrics made from recycled wool from India or recycled PET bottles from Asia are used, freight is transported by ship. The proximity to our main production facility in the north of Poland, which is less than 300 km away from the warehouse, enables us to have a constant exchange and regular optimization of our products and business relations. At the same time, being environmentally friendly is one of the most pleasant side effects we could wish for.

Fair payment of all suppliers and employees

In our opinion, sustainability also includes fair payment and treatment of all partners. Cloud7 focuses on quality instead of quantity. To ensure this, factors such as satisfaction, motivation and a sense of security pay a positive price. Most of our producers have been an integral part of the Cloud7 family since day one - the relationship with the main production site has lasted since the very first Cloud7 dog bed produced. Together, both sides were allowed to grow and learn that only long-term partnerships on fair terms with mutual trust will be crowned with lasting success. In addition, we regularly cooperate with fair trade companies in Bangladesh and certified sustainable productions in China. Thanks to an open corporate culture with transparency and flat hierarchies, we are able to retain employees for many years, support them on their career ladder completely independently of gender or age, and at the same time benefit from loyal, long-standing and happy team members, so that new colleagues only need to be trained as the company grows.

It is our imperative that neither humans, animals nor nature are exploited.

Rescue dog saved from animal protection For us, sustainable animal protection is crucial to achieve long-lasting change.

Support of sustainable projects

Cloud7 is committed to animal welfare from the very beginning. In order to not only contribute donations, but also to achieve long-term change, we are particularly proud of our cooperation with the non-profit animal protection organization Everydaystray, in addition to various sponsored dogs in Germany and Poland and the adoption of dogs in need from Cyprus and Portugal. Under the direction of Robert Altermoser, a castration program for street dogs in Bulgaria was created in this way, in order to contain the problem of the continuous reproduction and the associated puppy extinction through lack of food and diseases, and thus to bring about a sustainable improvement in the living conditions for street dogs.