Made fair and sustainably from recycled post-consumer pet plastic, Alaska is the ideal warm dog coat for winter.
Dog Coat Alaska Olive
from €97.30 €139.00
Dog Coat Alaska Blue
from €139.00
Sighthound Dog Coat Alaska Charcoal
from €159.00
Dog Coat Alaska Charcoal
from €139.00

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What are the characteristics of a great dog coat?

A great warm coat for dogs in winter should have optimal and tailor-like fit whilst keeping just the right places warm without sliding around. In order to fit every dog’s individual shape, it was necessary to have an extensive range of sizes — and not merely just XS to XL. Thus, Cloud7 offers warm dog coats for winter in 12 sizes as well as various special tailor-like cuts for Dachshunds, French bulldogs as well as Sighthounds from big to small. The ideal winter coat for dogs should not interfere with the natural movements of the dog especially during plays and runs, where the dog should not even notice the extra layer of warmth they are wearing. Alongside warming effects though the coverage of vital organs with a soft inner lining, a great dog coat should be weather proof to withstand snow, rain and even strong gushes of wind. Cloud7 values the importance of sustainable materials throughout its products to extend the longevity of the product as well as the effortless maintenance one needs to do to care for the coat; i.e. dog coats should be easily and effortless machine washable as one never knows what the dog can get up to during a simple walk. However, the design, quality and overall look of the dog coat should never be forgotten and should always reflect the human’s taste in design.

Dog coat with vegan alternative to down feathers: ALASKA dog coat with Eco Puffer

Particularly senior dogs with stiff joints and joint diseases such as arthritis etc. should wear a winter coat in order to protect their vital organs and bones from further pain. However, single coat dogs such as Pugs, Dachshunds, Chihuahuas as well as Poodles and mixed breeds from warmer climates are also recommended to wear a warm coat in lower temperatures. Especially also city dogs who needs to commute from A to B with no possibilities of warming themselves up by running off leash.

The sustainable Eco Puffer collection is made with 100% recycled materials. Through innovative technologies, it has been made possible to gift post-consumer PET plastic a new lifecycle through recycling. The result of this recycling process is a material that has the abilities to mimic the warmth from down feathers with highly water repellant properties that are necessary in a winter coat for dogs.

The vegan dog coat is suitable for cold temperatures in the Northern hemisphere and is available in 12 sizes and various stylish colorways to cater to every dog. The extensive size range allows dogs of all sizes from small Chihuahuas, long bodied Dachshunds, medium sized Cocker Spaniels, Beagles to Golden and Labrador retrievers as well as Weimaraners and Rhodesian Ridgebacks to find the perfect warm dog coat with an optimal fit.

Cloud7 Dog Coat Alaska Olive

Dog winter coat Alaska in regular cuts

  • Vegan dog puffer coat made with Eco Puffer from recycled PET plastic
  • Warmest Cloud7 dog coat with breathable materials
  • Sustainable dog coat with harness hole
  • Also available in special dachshund coat, sighthound coat and Frenchie coat
  • Extended length for coverage of vital organs
  • Adjusted chest area
  • Lightweight yet warm
  • Velcro fasteners over the spine for convenience
  • Great fit for kaninchen Dachshund, miniature Dachshunds as well as standard Dachshunds
  • Extended length for coverage of vital organs
  • Slightly rounded back for sighthound’s built
  • Lightweight yet warm
  • Velcro fasteners for effortless wear system
  • Great fit for medium-sized whippets to large sighthounds
  • Shorter back length
  • Adjusted chest area
  • Lightweight yet warm
  • Velcro fasteners for effortless wear system
  • Great fit for small to medium-sized French Bulldogs

Which dog coat size does my dog need?

With a large extensive range of dog coat sizes from small to large, it is not easy to know which size to choose for your dog. The best tip is to heavily rely on the weight of your dog before one considers the length of the dog coat, measured from the bottom of the neck to the beginning of the tail. Whereas although the chest area is an equally important guide to determine the overall size, the waistband allows you to easily fine-tune the fit with the help of the Velcro fasteners.

For a better demonstration, here is a video guide on how to measure your dog for a coat.

How to care for your dog coat from the Eco Puffer collection

All dog products from the Eco Puffer collection are coated with an additional layer of waterproofing agent to ensure that dogs stay warm and dry especially during walks in winter or in the snow. However, this protective coating can with wear and time start to lose its protecting abilities. Should the dog coat start to absorb moisture faster than before, we recommend renewing its water repellent coating with a waterproofing spray. Once the waterproof coating has been renewed, please ensure that the layer has dried thoroughly to protect dog’s sensitive noses.

The dog coat can also be effortlessly washed in a gentle cycle. For more information on how to wash your Eco Puffer, please click here.