Cloud7 supports animal welfare by donating money, products and sponsorships for various dogs on their way to a new home.

If you also want to help or think about giving a rescued dog a new home, we are happy to help with the placement.

Pro Animale Dog Silver
Silver today
Pro Animale Dog Ada
Ada today
Pro Animale Dog Korzonek
Cloud7 Charity
Silver and Ada lived in Romania on the streets, were undernourished and had many ailments. The animal welfare organisation Pro Animale, with whom we work together, has nursed and cared for both of them healthily. Today Silver and Ada live happily with many other dogs in a big animal station. Cloud7 has taken over the sponsorship for the two, as well as for two other dogs from the station (Svea and Korzonek) and takes over the costs for their medical as well as everyday care.
Pro Animale Dog Svea
Cloud7 Office Dogs

Also at Cloud7 five dogs from the former animal protection come to work every morning and are happy about their new life in Brandenburg.

f.l.t.r.: Tiger, Rudi, Milo, Matti, Ottochen, Liska, Freddie