The Dog House: Ulrich & Pico Köstlin Ulrich with Pico

The Dog House: Ulrich & Pico Köstlin

Friends & families of Cloud7 opened up their homes, creative spaces, offices and cafés in this portrait series where we visit and photograph them in their elements whilst answering a series of short questions about their loyal four-legged companion, who are lucky enough to trot along in their daily lives. Enjoy a snippet of our brief visit to the Köstlin household to meet Ulrich, Nathan and Pico.

Amongst the morning commuters in suits and tie, Ulrich, the now retired ex-manager of Bayer Schering AG, greeted us in front of his Berliner townhouse with a big smile as his newly 1-year old black and tan English Toy Terrier lies pretty in his arms. We trotted along behind him as he escorted us through a light-filled hallway to whimsical yet idyllic zen garden located just in his courtyard.

"Having an English Toy Terrier in Berlin is definitely more animated and lively, not to mention louder. Pico is by breed territorial and beliefs our block naturally belongs to him, and him alone. He lets everyone and every other dog who passes by know with his extremely loud and high-pitched barking. Trying to live a discreet life in Berlin Mitte ist not exactly possible anymore with him declaring his sovereign domain to all who cross his path" Nathan, Ulrich’s long term partner explained as the little bundle of energy barks at us from a distance with glaring eyes.

As active members of the German arts community, cultural institutions as well as private initiatives from artists worldwide, the globetrotter duo (+ Pico) have just the right eyes when it comes to fashion and arts.

A breed that is cold susceptible, Pico allowed us to warm him up with the Gotland sweater as the fresh morning Autumn breeze of September passed through.

"Warmth, security and durability with easy in and easy out” as Ulrich put it whilst he glanced and examined our (then) brand new addition to the range. “For us, Cloud7 is the first class quality dog-in-mind comfort design. Definitely innovative products made to last and one that is worth the price!"

"Having a dog was a natural choice for us both and we did so in 2021. Perhaps the pandemic played a role in this, as we both spent more time at home which felt a bit isolated."

As retirees, Pico often times comes along to events and other art-focused obligations that his human companions need to attend. But worry not, he won’t be alone at these events for long - “Pico is going to get a brother when he is 3 years old!” as we hear the excitement through Nathan’s voice.

Picos Lieblingsprodukte:

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