Tanja from Pets Unlimited

Together for RESC7UE: Tanja from Pets Unlimited in Germany introduced us to the Animal Protection Association Kelkheim

We know that there exists many animal rescue organizations that truly do wonderful and exceptional work. However, whom our longstanding retail partner Tanja from the pets boutique Pets Unlimited recommended to us has left us overwhelmingly inspired and impressed.

Therefore, the first round of donations gathered from the RESC7UE collection including the products from the collection such as the RESC7UE Dog Pillows as well as the RESC7UE Basic Collars, Harnesses and Leashes will be allocated for Animal Protection Association Kelkheim, whom Tanja has long supported over the years and who was able to find forever homes for over 200 pets in this past year alone, in the second quarter of 2023.

1. Dear Tanja, how did you come across this organization in Kelkheim?

My Tiffy came from this rescue organization and fate wanted me to give her a forever home. That’s also how I became aware of the wonderful and reliable work that they do at the organization. Meanwhile, Tiffy has become a great part of our business.

2. What makes the organization special for you?

In addition to the successful re-homing of not only dogs, cats but also small pets, the organization in Kelkheim is extraordinarily dedicated to the care of it’s temporary and long-term residents.This involves providing good veterinary care as well as 3 outdoor exercise areas, while at the same time putting together optimal dog groups and ensuring good socialization. The impressive number of about 100 volunteers of course helps a lot to do such valuable work and to support the 4 staff members. Thanks to all the helpers!

Pets Unlimited
Pets Unlimited

3. We have seen that the organization is also very active in the field of youth and integration. Do you know more about this?

The shelter supports children and young people. The staff take the time to give children and young people an insight into everyday life at the shelter and to raise awareness of animal protection. Young people who have committed a criminal offense can do community service at the animal shelter. Working with animals gives the young people the opportunity to rehabilitate themselves and do good. A great opportunity!

Pets Unlimited Kairo testing the RESC7UE Dog Pillows at the Animal Protection Association Kelkheim

4. What is special about your Tiffy, apart from the fact that she is of course the ambassador for Pets Unlimited?

Despite being 7kg and her delicate appearance, Tiffy is incredibly tough and regularly tries to assert her enchanting stubbornness with a lot of character and even more charm. She is always very cautious and reserved with strangers and new people. However, once she has gained trust, our “nosey”, as we affectionately call Tiffy, becomes a wiggly cuddler. She is incredibly quick and being there is the greatest thing for her. Tiffy enhances my life everyday in her own funny way. She is a fountain of youth for my dog grandpa Santi and keeps him on his toes.

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