Benefits of a dog raincoat — does your dog need one?

Whilst often mistaken as a fashion accessory and never a must, allowing your dog to have their own raincoat for the upcoming rainy season can bring both you and them many benefits. The following is just a few of those that is brought to you by a dog raincoat.

A dog raincoat for rainy and cold weather

It’s raining cats and (mostly) dogs outside and you’re getting ready to get out the door for a brief walk in brisk weather, just to get your pup to do their business, but where is the dog? Shivering behind the hallway at the peek and sound of the rain knocking at your door. The wetness, the cold, the wind, and the thought of having to do your business, right now? IN THE RAIN? He despises it all.

In the world of endless variety of dog’s looks and fur-styles, some dogs such the wolf-like Siberian Husky, or the Bernese Mountain Dog that literally has the word mountain in their name, are just a few of the dog breeds that are less sensitive to cold and wet weather thanks to their thick natural coating. On the other hand, the spotted Dalmatian, the short-legged Dachshund and the Mexican-native Chihuahua, all have something in common; their short-coat and lack of undercoat means that they are more sensitive to the wetness and cold aspect of the rain. Although, who are we to decide what your dog needs? We’ll let you decide for yourself with the advantages of a dog raincoat.

The advantages of a dog raincoat for your dog

In the example of long-haired dogs, such as dogs with fur similar to the Samoyed or Border Collie, a highly waterproofed raincoat can help prevent matting and knotting of the fur when wet and damped from the rain splash or snow. A dog raincoat can also be beneficial on windier or colder days, as an extra added layer of protection from the icy gush.

Short-haired dogs such as the French bulldogs or the ever-fast Greyhounds may benefit from a raincoat, that both ensures their underbellies are covered from dirty puddle backsplash or mud and they stay dry on chilly days.

Additionally, young and particularly older dogs may also benefit from having their own raincoats, as they are prone to having weaker immune systems and may, in result, catch a cold from being out in the rain for too long. And hey — we didn’t forget you. We, the owners, also benefit from a dog raincoat, as it means not having the uncomfortable moment where your dog shakes off the water on the train as you’re on your way to work or when they start rolling around on the restaurant floor. And lastly, the amazing perk of having a dog raincoat, that it prevents from dirty city puddle water getting on your hallway walls.

Looking for something for your walks in the rain?

  • Hamburg: water-repellent, includes a reflective strip for safety. Available in 4 colors and also in a special fit for Dachshunds.
  • Berlin: for the hipster dog, a highly functional water-repellent and FULLY reflective to ensure visibility in all corners of the city.

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